Interview with Blake Rubin: Travel Enthusiast and Brilliant Photographer

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Interview with Blake Rubin: Travel Enthusiast and Brilliant Photographer

Blake Rubin is a master photographer who has spent her entire life learning how to capture the world through her lens. She has created the Blake Rubin Foundation Scholarship to help budding photographers receive the education they deserve. She has traveled extensively and continues to take photographs that captivate her audience.

Hello Blake, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I have been studying and practicing photography for most of my life. I love the ability to see the world from a different perspective in the form of a photo. I have always aimed at bringing forth emotions in my work. This has led to me creating some pieces of art that many people have been moved by.

What are your focus areas and why?

As I mentioned before, emotion is something that I wish to capture in my images. We experience dozens of emotions each day. Whether it is anger, happiness, intrigue, or sadness, experiencing emotions is part of the human experience. We shouldn’t shy away from feeling these emotions. I want to capture the moment that an emotion springs forth in an individual. It is truly an incredible experience to witness the transition of emotions in an individual.

Where did your interest in photography come from?

I was always a little bit reserved when I was younger. I had a hard time fitting in with the other kids who I would spend time with at school. However, I was a very observant person. Photography was a way that allowed me to express myself properly. I could show other people how I was feeling through a picture. It was an incredible experience to find my calling in life at such a young age. My passion would develop in time and allow me to travel around the world and witness new things constantly. I am so lucky to be where I am today because of it.

What were some of the biggest challenges you have encountered while learning photography?

One of the biggest challenges that I faced was lack of proper education. While I did receive some education, a lot of my studies were self-taught. However, I wish I had the opportunity to go to school to learn the fundamentals of photography. It is now my mission to help students receive the funds they need through the scholarship program that I have created.

Tell us about your scholarship program.

The scholarship program is a way to help aspiring photographers receive funds for school expenses. I am offering $1200 to help one student per year lessen the financial burden that they face. It is accessible to high school seniors that have already been accepted into a University or College of their choice. It is also available for college students who are not in their final year of schooling. All the student has to do is create a 500-word essay that answers this question: “What are your major accomplishments and why do you consider the accomplishments?”. I will pick the winner each year and award them with the funds.

What are a few of the exotic places you have visited and photographed?

I have been to so many places around the world so it is hard to list them all. However, I recently toured Italy and made sure to visit some of the smaller villages. I wanted to capture the small-town architecture that makes Italy so unique in the countryside.

When traveling, what are some of the elements you try to capture with your camera?

Each location has unique aspects about itself. The people, surrounding, and artistic style of each locale speaks volumes for itself. I try to capture all of these elements whenever I am traveling through different countries and at home.

What are some of your all-time favorite photos?

Some of my favorite photographs are portraits. You can capture so many subtle details about a person through it. My favorite photo is a picture of a boy sitting on a tire swing. His expression is absolutely priceless. He’s lost in thought and not paying attention to the camera. I thought it was a beautiful moment.

Any words of advice for artists looking to make a living as photographers?

I would recommend that you save up enough money to buy yourself some time to look for work full-time as a photographer. Most of the job consists of finding work. However, you can’t accomplish this if you don’t have enough time each day to commit to it.

What are your top three travel tips?

1. Always pack a spare toothbrush.

2. Make sure you let your closest friends know where you are going. It’s just a safety precaution.

3. Research the area thoroughly before going.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Never give up on your dreams! Anything is possible with hard work and dedication.



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