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Santa Emilia, Nicaragua: The City Coffee Built

The overly-fertile hills of Santa Emilia have a way of swallowing human work; buildings, both grand and impoverished, are little more than white noise against an impressive array of orchids, flowers, ferns, rivers and trees. Architecture, regarded as secondary to this grander backdrop, displays a kind of modern aesthetic – detail-less, white and minimal. It […]

Medellin, Colombia: The Power of Infrastructure

There has been a lot of praise for Medellin in the world of urban planning due to a string of recent public infrastructure projects located within the city’s impoverished barrios (to be fair, the larger world is also gushing at Medellin). Much has already been written about the individual projects that spurred Medellin’s transformation from […]

Honolulu, Hawaii: How to Travel for Free

We just got back from a relaxing trip to Honolulu (a great escape from the 40 degree winter here in NYC :0). The best part was that we didn’t pay a dime for either our flight and hotel – and we stayed at the Hilton in Waikiki Beach for four nights, which is nothing to sneeze […]

The Best Way to Exchange Money Abroad

What is the best way to exchange money abroad? My parents always said, “Exchange money at the airport.” This is definitely better than exchanging money at a currency exchange bureau (one unfortunate traveler was being charged a 19.7% fee at Western Union). However, the real answer is: never exchange money abroad. Unless I plan to go […]