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Quito, Ecuador: How to Raise a Family Abroad

We moved to Quito, Ecuador in 2004. Our three oldest children were in 6th grade, 4th grade and 3rd grade, and had up until that point been exclusively home-schooled. In the space of six months – from January to June of that year – we moved them to another country, enrolled them in school and […]

Israel: Sushi Dipped in Hummus

Sounds like a culinary catastrophe, right? Well that’s how I described myself during my Bar Mitzvah speech and, despite the less than appetizing culinary concoction, the crowd – figuratively – ate it up. I am half-Japanese and half-Israeli and I grew up spending most of my time in Los Angeles, yet passing three to four months […]

Sudbury, Canada: A Town Transformed

When people think about “Canada Living,” or the Great White North, there are many thoughts everyone seems to share. It snows all the time, to the point that streets are often white. That cars are useless and snow-dogs are the most common form of transportation. Those who have traveled to Canada know there is some […]

St. Louis, Missouri: Go Ahead and Try a T-Rav

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to leave St. Louis. However, now that I’m older and living far from home, visits back are exciting. I am not sure if St. Louis has more to offer now than it did when I was a teenager, or if I simply wasn’t looking in the right places, […]

Bulawayo, Zimbabawe: From the Barracks to the Country

When I was born, my father served as a driver in the Army. This meant that we had the privilege of living in the Army barracks. I do not really recall how the place was, but I know that it was just on the outskirts of Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe and the […]

Cape Town, South Africa: Moving Between Worlds

Cape Town and I have always had a strange relationship, much like Cape Town’s relationship with its colonizers, its slaves and the rest of South Africa. Cape Town is the only province not run by the ruling party, and because of this, it has flown its own flag and declared itself a mecca for white […]

New Zealand: Nau Mai Ki Zealand Hou

When thinking of New Zealand, we will forgive you for jumping to the conclusion that we are just off the coast of Australia – or worse yet, that we are one in the same. New Zealand, or Aotearoa as we call it, is located some 1,500 kilometres east of Australia. It is said that we were […]

Ikeja, Nigeria: The Nigerian Dream

I was born in Enugu state, Nigeria. When I was barely three years old, my family (Dad, mom, siblings and 2 maids) moved across the country to Lagos State in search of greener pastures. I spent most of my childhood and all of my teenage years in Ikeja, and I surely feel at home here. […]

Lagos, Nigeria: Growing Up in the Big City

Lagos is definitely not a city for the faint-hearted, it is Africa’s city of hustlers and a land of opportunity. Located in southwest Nigeria, Lagos means different things to different people. My own life story cannot be told without mentioning this city for it has shaped me into the person I am today, and I am grateful […]

Perth, Australia: The Ideal Childhood

Sunshine, sand and fresh air! Growing up in the quiet city of Perth, Western Australia was as carefree and safe as you can imagine. It was a little town with big city dreams, and I was a little girl with dreams to match! Although Western Australia has a land mass over twice the size of […]