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Mathura, India: The Seat of Enlightenment

Mathura, how do I describe it? Better to start with the questions that lead one here. What makes our life turn? What are we really looking for? Is it truth, spirituality, simplicity or happiness? People from all over the globe have embarked on quests to find the answers to these questions, but with little success. […]

Orlando, Florida: Living Where You Vacation

I grew up in a “tourist town:” Williamsburg, VA. I’m used to the summer rush of people from all over the globe flocking to the place I call home – the incompetent drivers and all my favorite restaurants being busy every night of the week. I’ve spent 24 years in a place that has such […]

Richmond, Virginia: In Pursuit of Food Trucks

Richmond, VA has been getting a lot of praise recently for its food scene. I might be biased because I lived in Richmond and can’t wait to get back to the city, but Richmond seriously has the best food scene. When I moved to the city as a broke college student – basically the same […]

Vigo, Spain: The Best Beaches in the World

Teaching English in Spain has proven to be the best experience of my life. What has really shaped it has been Vigo, the city that I have lived in for the past 10 months, located in the Celtic-influenced region of Galicia near Porto, Portugal. Last year, I applied to a program through the Spanish Ministry […]

Sarajevo, Bosnia: A Curious Holiday

For a few months in 2016, I lived in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I had two great internships there, one in the Communication Department of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) and the other one at the Secretariat of the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI). I enjoyed my work there very much, but I mentioned […]

Miami, Florida: The Hunger to Compete

The heat. Whew. Not one of the best aspects of South Florida. But then again – isn’t that why people come running to the beaches of Miami? I’ve lived in Miami for practically my entire life. The things I remember most are the scorching heat, muddy 5k races and hunger of city businesses. Miami, well […]

Bahrain: An Oasis in the Desert

As I was growing up in the 80’s, the Middle East was witnessing an oil boom. Many people from the Indian sub-continent wanted to go over there and enjoy the tax-free income. Somewhere I too harbored that desire, and in the mid 2000’s I finally got an opportunity to work in a beautiful country called […]

Foshan, China: Living on Sixteen Kwai a Day

Okay, it was a pretty insane, self-abnegating thing to do. But it turned into a most entertaining exercise. I was working in Foshan, in China’s Guangdong Province, about 30km from Guangzhou itself. I wanted to save the highest proportion possible of my monthly wage. And I conceived the idea of trying to live in this […]

Cyprus: Siga Siga

Cyprus, to me, smells like dirt and cigarettes. It hit me the moment I walked out of the airport in Larnaca for the first time. And although I initially found it unpleasant, I have come to associate that particular, unique scent with arriving home. I first came here two years ago, in the summer of […]

Tehran, Iran: Rediscovering Freedom

It has been exactly three years since I left Iran after living there for two months in 2014. Just yesterday, upon meeting someone new, I was asked about the top three craziest things I had ever done in my life. My decision to move to Iran and work for Simorgh Theatre Group (a children’s puppet […]