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Mactan Island, Philippines: A Tale of Two Bridges, Traffic and Tourists

I’ve been living in Lapu-lapu City, Mactan Island for the past four years. I love that it’s just a few minutes from Cebu City and the mainland (which is still really an island – just a bigger one), and all the modern conveniences they have to offer, but hate that those few minutes can easily […]

Araksa, Thailand: Tea Time

I don’t know why I expected a building with a lobby and reception desk waiting for me and other visitors seeking a tour at Araksa Tea Plantation, about an hour north-ish of Chiang Mai, in hilly northern Thailand. Instead, I was met by Charlie and Namee at an open-air structure of wooden poles with a […]

Islamabad, Pakistan: A Land Sustained By Family Love

As the gentle rays of the rising sun kissed the soil of my school’s assembly ground, I, along with my classmates, would line up quickly while listening to the soothing recitation of Quran, the holy book of Muslims. After a few short performances from our fellow students, the morning assembly would conclude with the singing […]

Hanoi, Vietnam: Chaos and Kindness

Within a few minutes of leaving my hostel in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, I got conned. That happens sometimes when you first land in a new country. The money is unfamiliar, the exchange rate is hard to calculate, and in certain parts of the world, the people selling their goods are pushier than westerners […]

Tacloban City, Philippines: Memories Of Childhood Marred By A Typhoon

The rain is falling down hard, knocking on the window pane. It’s the new typhoon making its presence felt. The weather bureau, PAGASA, says the typhoon is expected to land up north in Luzon in 24 hours or so. I’m glad it’s going to miss my hometown, Tacloban City. At the same time, I feel […]

Fuzhou, China: Standing Out

If you’ve been to China as a tourist, you’ve probably had a fairly straightforward travel experience. Travellers to China tend to visit set areas such as Shanghai and Beijing. If they do go out of these cities, it’s usually to see the Great Wall or the Terracotta Warriors. These cities and attractions are amazing, and […]

Malacca, Malaysia: An Ancient Beauty Frozen In Time

To tell you the truth, my wife and I have never heard of Malacca until our son announced he was planning to take us there for a visit. “That’s great!” I said, “but… where is Malacca?” It turned out that Malacca (or Melaka) is a state in Malaysia located in the southern region of the […]

Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka: Lost in the Wilderness

It was getting dark, not because it was about time for the sun to set, but because it was going to rain. The dark clouds cast a shadow from above and the crickets chirped in unison. I stood in the middle of a craggy path terrified at being alone in the forest without anyone for […]

Angkor, Cambodia: Chapter 3, Petrology

The actual stones at Angkor Wat and the surrounding temple and city complex tell their own, spellbinding story. It’s a tale that can only be read if you’re prepared to do a little digging (both literal and metaphorical). If you do (and I did), the process of learning about the chemical and geological properties of […]

Hong Kong: The Other City That Never Sleeps

One of my first impressions about Hong Kong was how busy it is. Not only does time seem to fly here, but even the people and the vehicles as well. Hong Kong is a regional center in Southeast Asia. No, check that. It is THE regional center of Southeast Asia. Many multi-national corporations have opened […]