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Anchorage, Alaska: Real or Fake?

As I mentioned in my previous post, the last stop on our quest to visit all 50 states was Anchorage, Alaska. To celebrate our accomplishment, let’s play a game. It goes like this, I’ll show you three photos from Anchorage and you tell me whether they are real or fake. Don’t worry, this isn’t going […]

Yellowstone, Wyoming: A Love Note to Our Buffalo

I don’t know why you’re so excited,” AA  said. He was not impressed. Apparently, a herd of buffalo was not worth leaving the air-conditioning for. So far my plan to instill upon him the majesty of Yellowstone wasn’t going well. “We have cows hanging out in the streets in India and you think I’ll be excited about […]

Orlando, Florida: Living Where You Vacation

I grew up in a “tourist town:” Williamsburg, VA. I’m used to the summer rush of people from all over the globe flocking to the place I call home – the incompetent drivers, the number of hotels, and all my favorite restaurants being busy every night of the week. I’ve spent 24 years in a […]

Maui, Hawaii: The Heights of Humanity

The glamour of Hawaii is very much embodied in the Island of Maui. However, Maui remains a complex and often a very poor community despite the large transient population of tourists. Despite the grandiose Hotels built all over the island, the celebrities with luxury houses, there are hidden communities on Maui. Many people will work […]

Richmond, Virginia: In Pursuit of Food Trucks

Richmond, VA has been getting a lot of praise recently for its food scene. I might be biased because I lived in Richmond and can’t wait to get back to the city, but Richmond seriously has the best food scene. When I moved to the city as a broke college student – basically the same […]

Miami, Florida: The Hunger to Compete

The heat. Whew. Not one of the best aspects of South Florida. But then again – isn’t that why people come running to the beaches of Miami? I’ve lived in Miami for practically my entire life. The things I remember most are the scorching heat, muddy 5k races and hunger of city businesses. Miami, well […]

Salt Lake City, Utah: The Land of Mountains

My experience growing up in Salt Lake City is probably similar to that of others who grew up in a mountainous region; the mountains served as bookends, boundaries and background figures in my childhood. Though I may not have noticed to what extent at the time, their omnipresence was a constant reminder of my place […]

Seattle, Washington: A Vacation Destination that Feels Familiar

My husband and I made a pact long before we got married to travel together as often as we could once we finally tied the knot. As we searched for travel destinations in the states to pepper throughout our first year of marriage, our interests brought us to the Pacific Northwest. We eventually settled on […]

Yorktown, Virginia: Where Fighter Jets and Clydesdales Live Side by Side

You won’t find many areas in the United States that have more to offer the history buff than the Yorktown, Virginia region. It is called “America’s Historic Triangle” for a good reason. The corners of Virginia’s Historic Triangle represent significant events in colonial America’s story. Connected by the Colonial Parkway, Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown were […]

St. Louis, Missouri: Go Ahead and Try a T-Rav

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to leave St. Louis. However, now that I’m older and living far from home, visits back are exciting. I am not sure if St. Louis has more to offer now than it did when I was a teenager, or if I simply wasn’t looking in the right places, […]