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We are a couple with a shared passion for travel. Our initial thought had been to create a blog to document our travels, but we came up with a better idea.

We were unhappy with the way the news from other parts of the world often shows only the sensational or the horrific. And we noticed that the travel stories people tell to their friends and family are almost always overwhelmingly positive and full of little details about life in other parts of the world.

This is what makes travel so important to us. It helps us see the world through a different lens – one which forms a more holistic picture of the place we all inhabit.

Project Erika

It struck us as an interesting project to start collecting personal stories from around the world that highlight both the everyday and extraordinary experiences of real people. We want to dig deeper than the stuff of the traditional travel blog and build the largest collection of personal travel stories!

These stories include pieces on living and traveling in cities, villages and towns in every corner of the world. The goal is to share the adventures of ordinary travelers in an effort to show that everyone has extraordinary stories to tell.

Our hope is that this blog will be a small window into life in other parts of the world for all who are interested in expanding their horizons.

Travel Stories

We collect stories from people all around the world – from first time authors to published journalists.

We have three basic prompts that we use to structure our site (although we are open to new ideas):

  1. Growing Up In (City/Town/Area, Country)
  2. Living In (City/Town/Area, Country)
  3. Traveling In (City/Town/Area, Country)

Above all else, we are looking for unique and personal stories.

If you would like to submit an article, click here for details.