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Chicago, Illinois: Urban Crime, Mayhem and Metropolitan Beauty

My father is from Mississippi and my mother grew up in Chicago, both lived in unforgiving environments. My grandmother (father’s mother) moved to Chicago in the 1960’s when many black folks from the south were relocating north for a better life. It seems that when she arrived here she got very comfortable because she sank […]

Swaziland: A Place to Belong

My mother’s story in my words… When I think about my childhood in Mbabane, Swaziland, the first thing I remember is the warmth, the big open bright skies and the two rows of tall pine trees in the garden where my father made a trapeze for me to play on. I would swing and swing […]

Belleville, Michigan: Small Town Lovin’

I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Belleville. I love it for all that it has to offer. I hate it for the sole reason that everyone here knows everything about everyone. That’s just me, I’m a bit reserved. Weird for a blogger right? Why wouldn’t I want to share every single detail about […]

Cairns, Australia: The Barrier Reef and Mangroves

Growing up in Cairns was idyllic. At the time, it was a small town that was just starting to understand its appeal to tourists. For families and children living there year round, this made for a backdrop that was peaceful and serene. But it also had quick and easy access to one of the greatest […]

Islamabad, Pakistan: A Land Sustained By Family Love

As the gentle rays of the rising sun kissed the soil of my school’s assembly ground, I, along with my classmates, would line up quickly while listening to the soothing recitation of Quran, the holy book of Muslims. After a few short performances from our fellow students, the morning assembly would conclude with the singing […]

Tacloban City, Philippines: Memories Of Childhood Marred By A Typhoon

The rain is falling down hard, knocking on the window pane. It’s the new typhoon making its presence felt. The weather bureau, PAGASA, says the typhoon is expected to land up north in Luzon in 24 hours or so. I’m glad it’s going to miss my hometown, Tacloban City. At the same time, I feel […]

Mombasa, Kenya: The Perks Of Being A Beach Bum

I love the beach. Even today, years later, the sound of waves breaking onto sand or the trademark smell of salty air takes me back to the beaches in Mombasa, Kenya where I spent a major part of my formative years. Mombasa hasn’t changed much from my childhood memories – it’s matured from a town […]

Ooty, India: A Historical Second Home

I was in class III when my parents decided to send me to a boarding school in Ooty. At an age when most children cry at being kept away from their parents, I was considered strange. The thought of a new place and people excited me more than anything. I spent many years of my […]

Cervia, Italy: More Than One Path to Happiness

I was raised as an only child in Cervia, a town of 30,000 people on the north-eastern coast of Italy. Despite being relatively small, Cervia (and particularly it’s more “fashionable” neighborhood, Milano Marittima) is a fairly famous tourist location in Italy, and this is for a variety of reasons. First of all, its fine beach […]

Caloocan City, Philippines: My Time as a Salingkit

I must admit, I grew up in an era when mobile phones, tablets and the likes were non-existent. I think the most high-tech gadget I ever got my hands on was a handheld electronic game. Kids of my generation in Caloocan went outside to play, and it was hard to play by ourselves so we […]