Top Five Motorcycle Rides in the NYC Area

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Top Five Motorcycle Rides in the NYC Area

Motorcycles and I don’t have the best history together. The last time I rode one, the road decided to turn – and I didn’t turn with it. AA, on the other-hand, has been riding since he was a teenager. Recently, he decided that the streets of Manhattan didn’t look so bad compared to Delhi, and took the plunge. We are now the proud owners of a motorcycle (my family of course was less than thrilled).

AA quickly discovered that there are a dearth of articles on motorcycle rides in the NYC area, so we decided to record a few for all who are interested.


NYC to Sleepy Hollow

Ride Length: 1.5 hours each way

Our first trip took us through the length of Manhattan, the Bronx and Yonkers to the historic town of Sleepy Hollow. This isn’t a scenic ride, but it’s a great way to see a huge portion of the city. Visit Philipsburg Manor and Washington Irving’s house, and then stop in downtown Tarrytown for lunch.


Henry Hudson Drive and Riverside Drive

Ride Length: 2 hours

This is one of our favorite morning rides. The route takes you along the beautiful Palisades road, through the scenic Henry Hudson Drive, over the George Washington Bridge and down Riverside Drive on the Manhattan side. You’ll be surprised at how green this route is!


Delaware Water Gap

Ride Length: 3.5 Hours

Cross through Northern Jersey to the old shipping town of Port Jervis. You can grab a bite to eat at the Erie Hotel and then head through the Delaware Water Gap. On your way down the Gap, be sure to stop at one of the park’s waterfalls. When you are ready to head home, drive directly through Jersey and visit the Lakota Wolf Preserve.


Bear Mountain and Harriman State Park

Ride Length: 5 hours

This is by far the best motorcycle ride in the immediate NYC area. You get the scenic Hudson river and two state parks – on top of this, Harriman State Park is a mecca for motorcycle riders. Be sure to stop at Tiorati Lake Recreation Area, there are always a few other bikers happily trading tips at the dedicated motorcycle rest stop.


Sandy Hook Park and Lighthouse

Ride Length: 1.5 hours each way

Sandy Hook is a cute little National Park that was once the site of Fort Hancock, an army outpost built in 1896 to protect the New York harbor. It is also home to the oldest working lighthouse in the US – in fact, the American troops tried to destroy it during the Revolutionary War so the British couldn’t use it to aid their entry to the harbor. Luckily for us today, they weren’t successful. It’s definitely worth a visit!






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