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Top Five Motorcycle Rides in the NYC Area

Motorcycles and I don’t have the best history together. The last time I rode one, the road decided to turn – and I didn’t turn with it. AA, on the other-hand, has been riding since he was a teenager. Recently, he decided that the streets of Manhattan didn’t look so bad compared to Delhi, and […]

Lake George, New York: Finding Friluftsliv in the Big Apple

My relationship with winter has been an on and off again one, as I imagine it is for most. When I was young in Wilmette, I don’t remember ever feeling the cold. There was just the excitement of the first snowfall and the anxious hope that it would arrive around Christmas when everything was still […]

LaGrangeville, New York: The Makings of Creativity

Living in Peekskill really makes me appreciate what it was like growing up in a very quiet neighborhood. That’s what LaGrangeville NY was. It’s where I spent my childhood, surrounded by lots and lots of green. My parents, who are environmentally-conscious people, instilled in me a great appreciation for nature at a very early age. They […]

Peekskill, New York: An Artists’ Community

I had always loved to write. Even at a tender age, when I didn’t yet know how to spell, I would be writing my own illustrated stories inspired by my favorite cartoon characters. Later on, I started writing poetry, but I was shy and didn’t really share it with much of anyone, except perhaps a […]