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New Zealand: The Bright Lights You’ll Never Forget

It’s not often that travellers make it a priority to find the most beautiful stars possible when deciding on a travel destination. Yet, if you don’t, you could be missing out on one of the most beautiful experiences imaginable. New Zealand is one travelling holiday, where stargazers will be absolutely blown away. It’s a small […]

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Getting the Best Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful dreamland that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Whether you want to see some wonderful and astonishing buildings, pay a visit to the natural Arabian Desert or see fascinating terrain, you can get it all in Dubai. The Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the top attractions […]

Toronto: Tips for First-Time Guests

Is family, work or leisure bringing you to the largest city in Canada? No matter what’s got your sights set on Toronto, you absolutely should get in some quality sight-seeing time. This densely populated city is a prime tourist location in the great country of Canada, with thousands of visitors coming each year to get […]

Interview with Sean Brett: The Funny Backpacker

1. Hello Sean, tell us a bit about yourself and your business.  Hello Erika, Before I tell you who I am, let me tell you who I was. Back in 2016 I was a qualified dental technician in England, with the mindset of get a job, get a house and start a family. On my […]

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 7 Unique and Fun Things

Dubai isn’t big in terms of geography but tourists will never run out of fun things to do here.  Activities in this city range from the usual touristy ones (going to the beach, enjoying a desert safari, eating out, etc.) to more unique ones that you can only experience if you’re on holiday in Dubai. […]

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: 5 Photogenic Spots You Mustn’t Miss

Puerto Vallarta, the small resort town in Mexico is known for its beautiful seashore and is the ideal getaway spot for a quick holiday, no matter your budget. Being a small town, you can cover the entire length and breadth of this picturesque place on foot. With its sunny, tropical climate and a cool year-round […]

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Private Transfers

As the world becomes a smaller place, people have started traveling more. Not only this, but the number of international travelers has seen a consistent increase over the past decade. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, local transport is one of the top most concerns on your list. If you are traveling to a […]

Astana, Kazakhstan: A New Capital

I was born in a Soviet town called Tselinograd, the future capital, known as Astana today. In my childhood, every Sunday, my mom and dad used to walk with our neighbors to the central bazaar. It seemed that everybody knew each other in the town, because every time we walked there my parents would greet everyone […]

Interview With Elger Kua: Founder of Milk Media

Hello, Elger. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your business? Milk Media is in the design and advertising industry.We provide services such as brochure,banner and website design. We also provide printing services as well. How did Milk Media start? Did your parents influence you? I felt that it was a good point to start […]

Interview with Hieu Nguyen: Changing the Way People Buy Products Abroad

Hello, Hieu. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your platform? Hi Erika, nice meeting you today! First of all I’d like to say thank you for the invitation. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to connect with you and all of your readers. My name is Hieu Nguyen, I am […]