Bangalore, India: A Place to Call Home

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Bangalore, India: A Place to Call Home

Coming from a family of civil servants, I spent all of my childhood moving from city to city. Some envied my good luck in exploring new places, while I envied their sedentary and settled lifestyle. In the last leg of my father’s service, we relocated to Bangalore, the IT city of India. Though I had been hopping around different cities, this was my first time living in southern India.

The Experience Here

Coming from the North, I faced great difficulties with the language. But thanks to the global language, English, I could overcome even that hurdle.

Being from a small city, getting adjusted to a metropolitan city like Bangalore seemed like a formidable task. I, who have always been comfortable among Hindi speakers, found myself feeling out-of-place in the South-Indian speaking city. And let me tell you, language was not the only problem; Bangalore had a completely different cultural environment as well. Here people are more open and friendly.

Still, slowly I started to explore all the amazing features this city offers everyone who visits or resides here.

What’s Hip in the City?

This city has all that I never knew I needed. Though I really missed my favorite authentic North Indian-style Butter-Chicken and Naan, I fell hopelessly in love with the Chicken Biryani. There are a huge number of Andhra Style restaurants, but if you ask me, I would say the Meghana Biryani at the Mayo Hall takes the crown for the best Chicken Biryani served in the city.


Meghana Chicken Biryani. PIC: SM

And what can be better than cooling your burning tongue after eating the spicy biryani than a delicious bowl of Death-By-Chocolate ice cream served at the Corner House?


Death By Chocolate Ice Cream at Corner House. PIC: SM

When in the south, if you don’t taste the local Dosa and Idly, then I don’t know what you did. I wasn’t that much of a food lover, but the 100 different varieties of Dosa!! They will surely tempt anyone into trying these mouth-watering delicacies.

This city loves being green and colorful, and I like how the walls of many places are adorned with beautiful wall art. What makes it more attractive is knowing that these murals are painted by ordinary people, just like me and you.

Being a nature and flower lover, I am enthralled by the flower exhibitions, which are held every year on January 26 and August 15. Every year I would think, what new monuments will they will sculpt out of flowers? And every year I am amazed by their wonderful creativity.


Glass House at Lalbagh Botanical Garden. PIC: SM

This city boasts of an incredible number of amazing shopping malls featuring all of the famous brands. But being an average college student, I obviously couldn’t afford to buy clothes from all those high-end stores. “Clothes are never enough for a girl,” and yes, I suffered from the same disease. But this city had a remedy for my problem as well. The markets at Shivajinagar, Commercial Street, and Brigade Road provided me with all of my latest trendy needs, without digging a hole in my pocket!!


Brigade Road During New Year. PIC: SM

There are a number of happening pubs and discos here, but I am more of the quiet type. Anyone who is living in Bangalore should never miss out on the tranquil sunrise view from Nandi Hills. Not only is the drive there most relaxing, but the view of the whole city from the mountain is also breathtaking.


View from Nandi Hills. PIC: SM

Wonderla, a water-themed amusement park, was one of my favorite destinations to visit with my friends. A little away from the main city, this park offers you one of the most exciting experiences you have ever had. I, being a scaredy-cat, could never set foot on the water slides. But, nonetheless, I enjoyed my time dancing in the rain, playing in the play pool and screaming my throat out at the drop zone and maverick. A day couldn’t end better than sitting on the sky-high big wheel and being mesmerized with the bird’s-eye-view of the surroundings during sunset.


Night View of the Theme Park from the Ferris Wheel

Bangalore has attractions not only within the city, but also around it. I spent my holidays visiting the nearby locations, such as Mysore, Ooty, Coorg, Chennai, Gokarna and much more – all of which proved to be perfect distractions from the hectic city life.

I have been living in Bangalore for eight years, but I feel like there are still so many things I need to experience and so many places I need to explore. I, who have been living a nomadic life, have finally found a place that I can proudly call my home.

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Sneha Munda

Sneha Munda

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