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Bangalore, India: Growing Up in the Silicon Valley of India

I was an outsider to Bangalore. My family migrated here when I was about 10 years old. We had always travelled a lot and I saw a lot of various cultures growing up. I always enjoyed learning about new cultures and I was very excited to live in the capital city of Karnataka State. Everything […]

Bangalore, India: A Place to Call Home

Coming from a family of civil servants, I spent all of my childhood moving from city to city. Some envied my good luck in exploring new places, while I envied their sedentary and settled lifestyle. In the last leg of my father’s service, we relocated to Bangalore, the IT city of India. Though I had been […]

Bangalore, India: The 24/7 Metropolis

My first reaction when I got a job away from my home in Cochin was despair. But when I found out that my place of work was to be Bangalore, I was really keen on packing up and setting out as soon as possible. I had visited Bangalore a number of times, but had never […]