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The Zanskar Valley, Ladakh, India: Treking on the Frozen River

I saw the trail of trekkers ahead of me as they balanced themselves under the rock and between the remaining sheet of solid ice. It was February 2016, deep winter for a Ladakhi frozen river valley. But unfortunately, not all of the river was frozen that year. The mighty river in the deep arid extent […]

3 Tips for First-Time Travelers to India

If there is anything I have learned from YouTube about the United States, it is that many Americans know little to nothing about countries outside the Western world (North America, Europe, and Australia). Street interviews of U.S. residents are easy to find online. Ordinarily, the interviewers ask random people on the streets about their knowledge […]

Kanha National Park, India: A Rendezvous with the Caliph of Cats

As a kid, I always watched intriguing animal shows on networks like National Geographic, BBC and Discovery, wondering how it would feel to see one of these wild critters in their natural habitat. But I thought it was all fantasy and not reality. I didn’t believe that such beautiful beasts actually existed. The naïve zebras […]

Ooty, India: A Historical Second Home

I was in class III when my parents decided to send me to a boarding school in Ooty. At an age when most children cry at being kept away from their parents, I was considered strange. The thought of a new place and people excited me more than anything. I spent many years of my […]

Matheran, India: Where Monkeys Befriend Horses

What? A motor free zone in India? Sounds a bit preposterous, right? A country with over 1.3 billion, zillions of cars on the street every hour and a reputation for having a total disregard for traffic rules, you’d expect to be greeted by pandemonium and pollution everywhere you go. For the most part, that is […]

Kasol, India: The Perfect Place to…Chill Out

The city lights and the sky-high buildings of Delhi and Mumbai are surely a spectacle to see. They speak of the development India has seen and the architectural talents we boast of…but deep down, we just want to feel at home. We want the primitive powers of nature to catch our fancy and rejuvenate our […]

Mathura, India: The Seat of Enlightenment

Mathura, how do I describe it? Better to start with the questions that lead one here. What makes our life turn? What are we really looking for? Is it truth, spirituality, simplicity or happiness? People from all over the globe have embarked on quests to find the answers to these questions, but with little success. […]

Varkala, India: The New Goa

When people think of India, the picture that comes to mind is probably that of camels and elephants, beautiful colourful palaces and grandeur. It is not a very popular beach destination – at least not as popular as some of the other destinations in Southeast Asia. Indian or foreign tourists, Goa is by far the […]

Pondicherry, India: A Little French Jewel in India

Since we had just spent three weeks in Northern India a few months ago, we decided to head to the south this time. We didn’t have much of a plan, but my wife wanted to visit Pondicherry (now officially known as Puducherry) as she had heard a lot about its French heritage. Since there were […]

Haridwar, India: A Rich Tapestry

Travelling to India as a solo female traveller at the age of 17 was, in retrospect, not the best idea. People I told of my plans would advise me to ‘stay safe’ without really giving me any advice about how to go about keeping myself safe. However, I wasn’t completely naïve and I understood India […]