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How to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home in a Slow Market

Whether you’ve found your dream property or you’re still out there looking, you may be planning on selling your current home to fund your purchase and want to boost your curb appeal. Where do you start? If you’re planning on selling your home, buying a plot of land, and building a new home on it, […]

Living Off the Grid in Florida: 17 Tips You Must Know

There are a multitude of things for you to know for living off grid in Florida. Living off the grid can be a daunting adventure if you enjoy luxurious privileges or it can be a glorious escape from overcrowded city life, especially if you wake up and the first thing you think of is a […]

19 Best Websites You Need to Know to Buy Land for Sale

Looking for the best websites to buy land for sale? Are you a property owner looking for a place to showcase your listing? Or could it be you’re a buyer looking for a great sale on affordable real estate? The best deals are scattered throughout the web, and we thought it would help to list […]

Top 4 Hot Markets Where You Should Look for Vacant Land in Florida

At the southern tip of Florida, the land is dotted with the dripping trees and sawgrass prairies of the Everglades. This fertile landscape snakes up the west coast and stops at pristine beaches, creating climates and landscapes known as some of the most desirable in the United States. Combine this with beautiful weather and a […]

Everything You Need to Know About Rockland County

Rockland County sits in a unique location. It’s close to New York City but separated by the Hudson River. Railroad commuters must stop in Hoboken NJ before transferring to the city and drivers have to brave one of the NJ/NY crossings, which could explain why the suburbs of Rockland are not as popular as those in […]

Investing In Real Estate Is Investing In Your Future

Buying your first piece of real estate for the purpose of generating an income is a different process than buying your primary residence. First, you have to think about the housing and/or tourism market. You also have to consider with greater scrutiny your credit score and ability to come up with the initial funds needed […]


As anyone who loves travel stories knows, there are so many places to visit and each has a unique element that makes it special! There is the great wall of China; Rome and wonders of the Colosseum, both above and underground; and Singapore, with its world-famous street food and diversity. It doesn’t matter what type […]

How to Land a Job Where You Can See the World

How to Land a Job Where You Can See the World Most people spend somewhere between 21 and 35 percent of their lives working or thinking about work. That’s a substantial amount of time, and it’s no surprise people — especially women — feel more satisfied by work that taps into their dreams. For many […]

How Travel Can Improve Your Mental Health

Think back to the last time you took a trip to another country, another state, or another town. Do you recall the excitement you felt as you anticipated the trip or neared your destination? Do you remember the laughs and memories you created with friends, family or even strangers? Euphoric might be a good way […]

6 Practical Tips to Beat the Winter Blues this Season

If you feel unusually low as the grey and dull days of winter start to set in, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world experience a dip in their mood and feel gloomy for no particular reason during the cold season. Researchers have found that the primary reason for people feeling low during […]