6 Practical Tips to Beat the Winter Blues this Season

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6 Practical Tips to Beat the Winter Blues this Season

If you feel unusually low as the grey and dull days of winter start to set in, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world experience a dip in their mood and feel gloomy for no particular reason during the cold season.

Researchers have found that the primary reason for people feeling low during the winter season is the decreased production of the feel-good, mood-enhancing hormone called serotonin in our bodies. This, according to scientists, is because the enzymes that absorb this hormone are overactive during the short winter days.

If the winter’s keeping you down, here are six ways to beat the blues and carry on with your life as usual.

Embrace the situation and do something about the discomfort

Cribbing about bad weather and the lack of sunshine will only pull you further down into a dull and boring routine, where you’ll find it hard to even manage your day-to-day chores. Instead of cursing the cold, accept that it’s going to be there for the next couple of months, and then find ways to make yourself feel as comfortable as you can.

Get warm accessories such as a new pair of gloves or a warm scarf, eat hot foods, and host indoor weekend parties by the fireplace to beat the mindset that’s keeping you from enjoying the weather.

Focus on the good stuff

Everybody has their own favorite season, and it’s alright if you don’t like cold and wet days. However, to make it easier for yourself, you could try and focus on the bright side of the season. As winter sets in, make a list of all that you get to do only in this weather, and resolve to explore at least one such experience every week.

Watching the snow turn everything into a pristine white, going skiing, sitting by the fireplace with a book, catching up with your partner on a romantic and cozy evening indoors, or going out for a late-night coffee—many activities are unique to the winter season and can help you get through those cold evenings.

Give your home a deep cleaning

If the weather is making you feel depressed and you’re not in the mood to socialize, spend a week giving your house a long-due deep-cleaning therapy. Organize your wardrobe, cut the clutter in each room, get rid of broken and unused stuff, and separate items that you can donate to a local charity.

Similarly, go after the kitchen and bathrooms one at a time, cleaning the cabinets, appliances, tiles and so on. All this work will not only keep you busy while you’re indoors, it will infuse fresh, positive energy into your home and also keep you from ruing the weather.

Take a vacation

For those who don’t the like the excitement of the festive season, getting away to a new place can be a perfect alternative to the partying, shopping and entertaining that is the part and parcel of winter holidays.

And while you’re making reservations, be sure to search for a location where it’s a different season altogether – or at least it’s not as cold as back home. If you’re in the mood to experiment, check out this wonderful list at https://travelerspress.com/unforgettable-places/ that will help you pick a unique destination for your getaway trip. You can also check out bookmundi.com.

Plenty of music and loads of light

Playing the right music can lift you out of a bad mood and infuse good vibrations into a closed space. If you can’t get away, turn your home into your heaven by playing good music while you’re indoors.

Another thing that makes a world of difference is ensuring your home is well lit at all times. Open up the blinds and curtains to let in natural light. If the sun is playing hide and seek, get a couple of fixtures that mimic natural light, light candles to evoke warmth and enliven the patio and living room with festive string lights.

Eat warm foods and cook winter specialties

Every region has its own special foods and dishes for every season. Comfort foods are a great way to beat the blues in any weather—as long as you keep it healthy. As winter sets in, switch to vegetable and meat-based soups and stews (make big batches if you’re not a fan of everyday cooking), roasted meats and vegetables, winter fruit salads, and so forth.

Choosing the right foods will keep you well-nourished and also bring much-needed respite from the chill.

Georgina Smith