5 Interesting Things to Do in Wanaka, New Zealand

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5 Interesting Things to Do in Wanaka, New Zealand

If you’re looking for a ski adventure on your next trip, your best bet is to hit the snowy hill-capped town of Wanaka in New Zealand. Perched at the southern side of Lake Wanaka, this town has something for everyone. With a spectacular view of the Southern Alps, Wanaka offers a lot of enjoyable opportunities, most of which include skiing and other snow sports. Not only will you find some wonderful natural surroundings, you’ll also get to indulge in adventurous activities. Here are some of the most interesting things you can do while in Wanaka.

Horse Trekking

Lake Wanaka has terrain that would make the world’s most beautiful locations jealous. Horse trekking through the trails that border Lake Wanaka are extremely popular, and you’ll get to see some amazing sights. Be it the valleys of gold, the country farms of Cardrona Valley, or the mesmerizing Ripon Vineyard that can be found on the waterfront near the Whare Kea Lodge. You can pick whichever terrain you’d like to ride through and find a horse trekking company that will suit your preferences. All the companies have their own terrains, each more entrancing than the other. Horse riding is an option for people of all ages, so you never have to compromise on the fun!

If you’re an adventure lover who wants some adrenaline pumping experiences, Wanaka will leave no stone unturned.


Biplane Flying

Soar over the vast Lake Wanaka and fall in love with the mountains looming over the town in a vintage biplane. The various companies offering flying lessons on a biplane will give you the time of your life, and it’ll be a positively enthralling one for sure. Depending on the company you choose, you can fly over Lake Wanaka, the southern Alps, Mou Tapu, Glendhu Bay, the Wanaka township, Mt. Aspiring and many others. During your flying session, you can even land on the lake front and have a private picnic. There are family, solo, and even couple options to choose from.

Mountain Climbing

Mountaineering and mountain climbing are Wanaka’s favourite activities, what with the adventurous trails that offer more thrill and excitement than any other. Mountain climbing is as fun as it is risky, and experts always recommend taking a guide along to help you through the dangerous routes. There are various adventure sport companies in Wanaka that will provide the right gear and guidance so you can have fun while also being entirely safe. This also gives you a chance to meet new people like you, and you can indulge in your favourite activity with like-minded adventure lovers.

Lake Wanaka and the Surrounding Mountains

Snowboarding and Skiing

Here we are at the most attractive and popular activity of Wanaka. Skiing and snowboarding down the snowy mountain slopes is a thrill of such measure you’ll be reluctant to go home after. Various companies offer some amazing slopes, and you’ll be skiing and snowboarding for hours on end. Choose your preference from resorts like the Treble Cone Ski Area, Cardrona Ski Resort, Lake Wanaka and Queenstown Resorts, Alpine Resorts, etc. Regardless of which slope you’ve chosen, your skiing and snowboarding experience will be spectacular.

Mountain Biking

Wanaka’s mountains are a treat like no other, and once you’ve done a bit of mountain climbing and horse trekking, you’d be depriving yourself of an amazing journey if you didn’t go mountain biking. Highly challenging and exciting as mountain biking is, it’s the wilderness of the trails that will leave you completely mesmerized. There are different levels for people of all ages. You can pick the most dangerous route or the most mellow, but you’ll have just as much fun nonetheless.  

If you’re an adventure lover who wants adrenaline pumping experiences, Wanaka will leave no stone unturned. And with the scenic view of the Alps, your trip to Wanaka will be absolutely unforgettable.

Title Photo by paul bica, CC BY 2.0

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