Macau: Where to Take the Kids

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Macau: Where to Take the Kids

Macau, which is just an hour’s ferry ride from Hong Kong, is a unique city and one of the foremost tourist destinations in this part of the world. Many tourists make the mistake of regarding Macau as a stopover destination only, but this notion is really misplaced. It is a city of extreme contrasts – casinos on one hand and the old European sights on the other hand – and this melange is enough to draw tourists from all over the world, including the kids. Don’t ever think that the little ones will get bored in Macau; there is so much to see, do and eat here.

Eat the Egg Tarts 

If you have come to Macau with your family, then your first stop should be at the Lord Stow’s Bakery and Cafe. They have pioneered the famous egg tarts for which the casino city is now famous the world over. They also have a branch inside The Venetian and the original store is at the Coloane Island. The crust of the egg tart is more like a sugar cookie and the center has two eggs. Apart from the tarts, one should also try their ham croissant sandwiches, which taste great with a cup of coffee.

Macau - Egg Tarts PIC: SB

Macau – Egg Tarts PIC: SB

Enjoy the Beach

The Black Sand Beach, or the Hac Sa Beach, is the best place to go in Macau during a weekend. The beach is huge and stretches for about 4 kilometers. It is sparsely populated, which basically means that one does not have to face large crowds even on holidays. Water skiing is a very popular activity here and other arrangements include a separate play area for children and a designated picnic area. The Fernando’s restaurant located near the beach is a famous kid-friendly dining option.

Visit the Macau Science Center

 The Macau Science Center is an iconic landmark in the city and a perfect place for kids of all age groups. The Exhibition Center is the most popular zone with as many as 14 galleries. Here one will find highly intelligent robots, and young learners can train to become future astronauts. The different hands-on exhibits at the Children Science galleries can keep the little ones busy for hours. The adults will enjoy their time at the Planetarium, which has a vast collection of 3D films with interactive controls. The science center also has a restaurant, a gift shop and a nursery room.

Macau - Science Center PIC: SB

Macau – Science Center PIC: SB

See the Giant Pandas

 Macau received a couple of pandas on the 10th anniversary of the country’s reunification with China. Located on Coloane Island, the Giant Panda Pavilion may seem a little out of the way, but the journey is worth every penny. The entrance fee is capped at $10 and entry is free for senior citizens and kids who are less than 12 years. The pandas are really cute and the kids will surely love them.

Visit the Macau Tower

A visit to the Macau Tower is a must-do activity while you are here, but what you do once you’re here depends on your age and enthusiasm level. If you have a teenager in your group, he/she may attempt the highest bungee jump in the world. The Sky Walk is the most daring activity here and the best part is that there is no age restriction, but you need to fit into the harness. The edge is only 1.8m wide and there is no handrail!!! Sounds exciting? The adventure does not end here – the Sky Walk actually operates at a height of 61 stories. So just head over here for an adrenaline pumping adventure of a lifetime.

Macau - Macau Tower PIC: SB

Macau – Macau Tower PIC: SB

Come to the Warner Bros Fun Zone

 Macau is often described as the ultimate place for the rich and the famous, but there are actually loads of recreational activities aimed at children. The Warner Bros Fun Zone is one such place. Spread over an area of 40,000 sq ft, the place is fully packed with all the popular super hero characters. The area is divided into multiple zones, including the Tom & Jerry playground and the DC Comics raceway.

Enjoy the House of Dancing Water

Macau - House of Dancing Water PIC: SB

Macau – House of Dancing Water PIC: SB

The House of Dancing Water is probably one of the most amazing shows that you will ever come across in this part of the world. In fact, a whole page can be dedicated to this show alone. The show is very important to Macau as a massive $250 million was spent to create this magic. The stage can hold 3.7 million gallons of water, but it can quickly transform into a dry floor in a matter of seconds. The water jet displays and the motorcycle stunts add to the thrill factor. Do not miss this on your next trip to Macau. To help you get started planning your trip, visit

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