Alibaug, India: The City of Beaches

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Alibaug, India: The City of Beaches

Ever since I was a child in Alibaug, I have maintained a journal to express all that is going on in my life. Writing has always given me a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of hope for a better tomorrow. When I completely lose faith, writing is like a fuel that keeps me going. It is the best way I know to recover from bouts of sadness.

Growing up I never imagined myself as a writer. In fact I had a commerce background and believed that I would make a career out of marketing. But as we all know, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. And I ended up as a copywriter. So, I almost made it!

Now I live in Mumbai, which is three hours away from Alibaug. To be honest, Mumbai is quite a happening city compared to Alibaug. But my childhood memories and friends from those times – the shows of the 90’s that we used to watch, the novels and comics we used to read – all of these things still feel like yesterday. Memories are hard to recreate, and they compel me to visit my old home at least once a year.

My home, Alibaug, is a beach town (also referred to as Mini Goa). However, Alibaug is not exactly like Goa – there you can drink limitless alcohol and behave irresponsibly, but in Alibaug the rules are just as strict as in any other city.

Still, Alibaug has a lot to offer, including its many beautiful beaches. The first thing anyone does when planning a vacation is choose which beach – from over half a dozen – to visit. Each has splendid sunrises and sunsets so you can’t go wrong! No matter which beach you choose, you can always go beach hopping. All of the beaches are only a few minutes’ drive from each other!

Alibaug is a wonderful, scenic and peaceful place filled with surprises. I guarantee that you will love this town as much as I do.


Although the town is quite commercialized, Alibaug still has a rustic charm going for it. Alibaug Beach is the main attraction with horseback riding, paragliding and roadside vendors selling tender coconut. It is an ideal weekend trip for Mumbaikars and a great holiday destination for tourists from anywhere around the world!


Fresh and mouthwatering sea food prepared in the typical Konkani style and a visit to the sea-forts of Kolaba or the Murud-Janjira are the highlights for vacationers. Alibaug is also known as the perfect spot for a second home. Many people have one here just to relax in the midst of awe-inspiring scenic beauty away from the chaotic city life. Either way, the climate is always perfect!

Unfortunately for me, there came a time when I had to leave this beautiful place and move to Mumbai to make my career. There were not many opportunities in Alibaug, and so I left when I was 17. Many of my friends did too. Everyone moved to different parts of India, some abroad, but we still meet in Alibaug.

Alibaug is a wonderful, scenic and peaceful place filled with surprises. I guarantee that you will love this town as much as I do. With breathtaking beaches, historic forts, temples and perfect weather, it is impossible not to fall in love!

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Trisha Reman

Trisha Reman

Trisha is a content marketing professional and a copywriter from Mumbai, India. Previously she worked as a copywriter for an advertising firm in Mumbai. She believes everyone is capable of doing something more than just paying the bills. Therefore, she quit her job and started to work as a freelance copywriter. She is also collaborating with a few start-ups.

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