Udaipur, India: The Land of Kings

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Udaipur, India: The Land of Kings

Exasperating, beautiful and overwhelming are the three words that will come to mind when you visit this fascinating nation. It is a country in which every fifty kilometers the language and culture changes. It is a country where many religions and cultures peacefully coexist. This is what makes it such a unique place to travel – and no place is more unique than Udaipur.

India has a lot of interesting things for a tourist and you will never have enough time to see them all in one trip. Moreover, India possesses a rich heritage with many historic rulers and kingdoms.

Today we are going to shed light on one place – the land of reigning kings, Rajasthan.

Rajasthan houses a breath-taking collection of arts and architecture. It was a princely state and a large number of historic buildings can be found here.

Many places in Rajasthan exude magnificence and grandeur, but very few can match the stature of Udaipur. In ancient writings, Udaipur was called the Venice of the East. The city of Udaipur is known for its lakes and has been called the City of Lakes.


The town was founded in the year 1553 by the Sisodiya Rajput ruler, Maharana Udai Singh II,  after he relocated the capital from Chittor. As an ancient capital, the city of Udaipur has a lot to offer visitors in the form of unique architecture and design. Here is the list of places that one must visit while visiting this royal city.

Bagore Ki Haveli

Great for cultural experience seekers and history buffs, Bagore Ki Haveli is an 18th century Rajput masterpiece.

Bagore Ki Haveli is located beside Lake Pichola. The palace can be accessed from the Gangori Ghat in Lake Pichola. It is a palace of mirrors, and this is what makes it a unique tourist destination. It is majestically designed by Rajput craftsmen and magnificently depicts the art of that era. The walls of this palace depict a colorful tale from the vibrant past with beautiful mural paintings and glasswork from Mewar. The Queen’s chamber is a particularly fascinating place to look out for.

Saheliyon Ki Bari

Udaipur is known for its majestic architectural palaces, and Saheliyon Ki Bari is one among them. It has a sprawling garden that exudes raw romanticism and is a delight for the likes of nature lovers and photographers. The garden consists of fountains, a museum and marble elephants.

The garden rests on the bank of the Fateh Sagar Lake. It was designed and built by Maharana Sangram Singh in the 18th century. It has beautiful architecture that will capture the imagination of any tourist. The fountains that can be found in this garden were imported from England. Sculpted birds mounted on top of the marble slabs spray water from their beaks, giving the illusion that it is raining. The museum not only contains artifacts and pictures, but also includes many praiseworthy stuffed animals.


Shilpgram is described as a mix of traditional Rajasthani culture and European culture, giving the city a vibrant hue to its ethos. The most interesting fact about this town is that the lifestyle of the tribes of Rajasthan can be witnessed in person.

Shilpgram is situated in the western part of Udaipur. It is considered a living museum of traditional crafts and arts. Shilpgram consists of several kinds of huts that depict certain types of Rajasthani culture. Moreover, contemporary potters, urban ceramists and designers work together to dish out unique creations every day. If a tourist visits theses huts, then he or she must acknowledge that Rajasthan alone has a diverse culture that cannot be found in any other part of India.

Udaipur has always been a fascinating tourist destination for many travelers. It is a city that is known for its rich culture and heritage as well as for its vivid architectural wonders. The places mentioned here are the most popular tourist spots; however, there are many more that a tourist can visit.

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Vishakha Goyal

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