New Delhi, India: A Way of Life

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New Delhi, India: A Way of Life

There’s a reason everyone from the entire country flocks to a crowded, hot and competitive place like Delhi. There’s a reason why Delhi isn’t just a city, it’s a way of life. From the nightlife to the spirituality, heritage and new age charms, you can find every damn thing in this place.

Living in Delhi is like traveling in time. One area will be replete with historic ambiance and ravaged, yet resilient structures that have stood the test of time, while another part of the city is brimming with development and contemporary elements of affluence.

Being the national capital and a haven for Muslim rulers, you will not be disappointed by the isolated corners in this city brimming with tales from the past – nor the splendors of architecture and heritage. From the skyrocketing Qutab Minar, to the serene Lodhi Gardens and the pristine Tomb of Humayun, the spiritually enlightening Hazrat Nizamudding Shrine and the Jama Masjid. From the majestic India Gate to the vintage Purana Qila, the marvels of architectural genius will never fail to impress you. And not just Muslim rulers, even the Rajput rulers have created masterpieces like the Jantar Mantar.

Delhi is not a possessive city, it will encourage you to spread your wings and glimpse every part of the country.


Moving up from the north, you will find the Red Fort and remnants of an old-school, vintage lifestyle in Old Delhi. Here the close-packed, faded houses will remind you that this city that has stood tall against the tribulations of time and tide. The shopping avenues at Chandni Chowk will leave you spellbound – there are spices, sweets, embroidered ethnic clothing, books, jewelry and what not. Chandni Chowk is one of the largest indigenous marketplaces in Asia, and the number of livelihoods it supports is immeasurable.

In the east and the west, the well planned and close-knit homogeneous residential arrangement has a larger than life vibe that reflects on the Delhiites’ love for food, clothes, alcohol and the extravagant ways of living – a very Punjabi influence of living and a loud mouthed frankness that not everyone can handle.

As you enter Central Delhi, there stands an impressive structure called Connaught Circle, which will give you a sense of the size and free-spirited atmosphere of Delhi. You can stroll around this place to find every culinary experience imaginable – from high-end restaurants to breezy bars, chilled out cafes and lovable food joints. You will find everything from Starbucks to Warehouse and the unconventional rooftop bars like Tamasha and Boombox. The youth-centric environment will keep you hooked on this part of the city, no matter how congested.


Lotus Temple

As we move towards the south of the city, you will experience a more high-class, elitist and intellectual part of the city. From the embassies and government residences surrounding Race Course, to the posh localities and cool ambiance of Hauz Khas and the vibrant Hauz Khas Village thronged by club hoppers every night. From the huge sprawling bungalows with hints of greenery and luxury in Greater Kailash, to the awesome nightlife in Vasant Kunj and Saket and one of the biggest flea markets in Sarojini Nagar, the marketplaces and wedding joints in Lajpat Nagar and the musical and spiritual havens of the Sufis surrounding Nizamuddin and Tughlakabad. From the skyrocketing buildings and offices in Gurgaon, to the smooth roads in Noida. From the Akshardham Temple, to the Birla Mandir and the Lotus Temple – there’s something for every one of every ethnicity and belief.

The cosmopolitan and multicultural environment in Delhi is something very hard to find in any other corner of this country. The best part is there are gateways to other awesome places from this very city. Delhi is not a possessive city, it will encourage you to spread your wings and glimpse every part of the country.

Fitting everything into a small article would be a grave injustice to Delhi, which has so much to explore. You really need to see for yourself because the experiences will never end in Delhi. There’s something for the ambitious professional and the young, party-crazy generation. There’s spirituality with verve and history all thrown together into this magical, spicy, yet scrumptious curry we call Delhi.

Aishwarya Sharma

Aishwarya Sharma

A dentist by profession, and a writer, traveler and musician by passion - I never fail to explore some of the most underrated aspects of India. I have a special love for the hills as I grew up in the small, quaint hill town of Dehradun. I never leave out an opportunity to explore any landscape, whether it's the hilly terrains of Himachal Pradesh, the breezy beaches of Goa or the regal environs of Rajasthan. There's a pride I carry in my heart because I belong to one of the most diverse, fulfilling and vibrant regions of the world, India.

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  • Erika

    So many beautiful buildings – I really need to take a trip to Delhi!

    May 22, 2017 at 8:51 pm