Mussoorie, India: The Queen of Hill Stations

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Mussoorie, India: The Queen of Hill Stations

Mussoorie, with its green fields and varied flora and fauna, is well-known as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ in Uttarakhand. The awe-inspiring landscapes and breathtaking views are enough to charm anyone, and it is no wonder that millions of tourists visit this place every year.

Whatever the season may be, Mussoorie is worth a trip. Be assured, you are guaranteed to return with lots of wonderful memories.

Let me start from the beginning, Mussoorie is situated in the district Dehradun in the state of Uttarakhand. Around 35 kilometers away from the district, Mussoorie is like a fairyland for tourists. The proud Himalayas stand on either side of the town, offering spectacular views. These snow-clad mountains and the lush green valley of Mussoorie make it the best romantic or honeymoon destination in India.

Mussoorie is situated at an altitude of 6000 feet, so you can imagine what the weather is like. When you visit, pack warm clothes – especially if you are visiting in winter or during the monsoon.

To get to Mussoorie you must drive, as there is no airport nearby. But a road trip through the zig-zagging mountain roads is not something to miss. En route you will witness some of the most majestic natural landscapes in the country. Believe me, you will not regret taking the trip. And you can find plenty of local taxis and buses that will take you there at a reasonable price.

Before reaching Mussoorie, you must stop at an astonishing waterfall known as ‘Kempty Falls’. Around 15 kilometers from the city center, Kempty Falls is well worth the trip. This amazing waterfall is nearly 40 feet high and provides a mesmerizing panorama. The water falls into a large pond, where you can take a dip and refresh yourself before continuing onward.

You will arrive at ‘The Malls’, considered the heart of Mussoorie. The Malls is a colonial relic with a historical feel. Old-fashioned benches and lampposts line the roads and the view at night is astonishing. Take a peek into the shops for some local handicrafts and artifacts – you must buy something to keep as a memory.

The proud Himalayas stand on either side of the town, offering spectacular views. These snow-clad mountains and the lush green valley of Mussoorie make it the best romantic or honeymoon destination in India.


If you are lucky, you may also find one of the most renowned Indian authors, Ruskin Bond, wandering the streets. Yes, you heard me right; Ruskin Bond lives in Mussoorie with his adopted family.

After you have finished exploring the local market, head towards Gun Hill – the second highest peak of Mussoorie. Don’t forget to bring your camera. The scenic views from this place will leave you in awe. You can also dress up in the local attire and take a photo looking like a true Mussorrieite!

Past Gun Hill are the most memorable parts of Mussoorie – Laal Tibba and Cloud’s End. Although Laal Tibba is just two kilometers from the city center, it is not yet commercialized. Here you will find a place of calm and relaxation for those looking to get away from the city.


Cloud’s End marks the end of Mussoorie with a great view of the Aglar River Valley and miles of hiking trails. What more could you want than a lovely walk at the top of the mountains? If you are able to hike for about two kilometers, you will find the beautiful Benog Wildlife Sanctuary at the end of the trial.

For the adventure freak, Mussoorie also offers some major attractions, like paragliding and trekking. There are many places to paraglide with trained professionals, and the hiking in Mussoorie is spectacular. In particular, the trek to Nag Tibba is quite famous.

So much to do in such a small place – are your bags packed?

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Mani Lohani

Mani Lohani

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