Cochin, India: More Than Meets the Eye

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Cochin, India: More Than Meets the Eye

From early morning jogs with the lull of a gentle breeze on Marine Drive, to refreshing Kuluki Sarbaths in the evening – Cochin has always been, is still and will continue to be home to me.

I moved to Cochin from Chennai when I was five years old. I was initially sad to leave Chennai, which seemed to satisfy my toddler curiosity – and Cochin sounded like such a faraway place. That was until Grandpa took me to Changampuzha Park at Edapally, a place I still go when I feel like spending some ‘me’ time.

Cochin, I’ve always found, is a city that grows on you. It has very few places that could be truly called tourist attractions, but – if you decide to pack your bags and explore the city – then you will find need at least a month to experience all of the pieces that make Cochin.

Fort Kochi has always been a tourist spot, and I’ve seen a number of foreigners who stop and settle down here for a few years. The true spirit of Cochin still lives in Fort Kochi.


M.G Road and Banerji Road together form the heart of the city. These two places will cater to your shopping needs and will become the hub of your visit. However, there is another spot – known to the local populace – that offers a more exotic panorama of everything that makes up Cochin.

This place is called Broadway, and is parallel to Banerji road. It is filled with shops, barely more than 20 -30 square feet, which make tourists – and even the local populace – go nuts. I’ve only seen one place in Cochin that makes you shop till you drop, and then want to shop some more – and that is Broadway.

Broadway – The Street That Houses the Country

Broadway is home to rich cultural diversity. It has every authentic Indian good you could want, decked in rows for shoppers to buy. From North Indian spices sold by Rajasthanis, to hand-woven bags and sandals sold by Tamilians, the street still puts my mom in hyper shopping mode. I’ve been to other malls and shopping complexes in the city, but nothing truly captures the sheer choice of goods you get at Broadway.


Broadway Wares

The best part about Broadway is that you can buy goods at retail and wholesale prices. This means you can buy costly and memorable merchandise for yourself and then splurge on a few wholesale trinkets to give as souvenirs.

Fort Kochi – The Old Kochi

While the city does have its share of plush hotels, eateries and chill zones, the real Cochin can be found on the sidelines of the city. Fort Kochi has always been a tourist spot, and I’ve seen a number of foreigners who stop and settle down here for a few years. The true spirit of Cochin still lives in Fort Kochi.


Surrounded by the sea, Fort Kochi and its neighbors, Mattancherry and Willingdon Island, make up the west of the city. Each of these places are islands that are really miniature cities. They are interconnected with bus routes and a ferry service, which ensures that getting to and from these places is easy.

Fort Kochi has the famous Fort Kochi beach. The whole island comes here to celebrate for 10 days in the month of December during Cochin Carnival. With an average attendance of up to 100,000 people, the Cochin Carnival has always been a grounding point of my year. I make it a point to visit the carnival for its fun, frolic, celebration, parties and concerts. It starts around the 20th of December every year and ends in a grand ceremony on New Year’s Eve.

The Most Authentic Sea Food You Will Ever Taste

The main reason tourists end up settling in Fort Kochi is for the seafood. Located right next to the sea, you are guaranteed to be eating the day’s fresh catch – and the flavors cannot be more original! Coupled with some beer or wine, all you need is good music to make you want to settle down in Fort Kochi.


But it is not just the food. Filled with parks – like Subhash Park, Indira Gandhi Park and even an International Cricket Stadium, the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium – the city has something happening almost every day. In Cochin your house is just a place to crash – this city is truly an exciting place!

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