Kenya: Where to Find the Best Barbecued Crocodile

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Kenya: Where to Find the Best Barbecued Crocodile

A typical trip to Kenya is all about nature, Masai life and stories of hunting. My trip to Kenya in 2013 was an exciting one. I have many fabulous memories of the adventurous journey – starting with chasing a lion in the open tourist van, kissing a giraffe in the giraffe center and trying the high jump with the Masai tribe. We enjoyed the various colors of life. But, our experience would not have been complete without a lunch of crocodile meat at Carnivore restaurant, located at the heart of Langata Road, Nairobi.

It was a fascinating meal; we started with chicken soup, then proceeded to ox-meatball, ostrich meat and – finally – crocodile meat. The lunch was popularly called ‘feast of the beast.’ The waiters were hospitable and warm and they would serve you till you drop. A small flag was kept at each table. Once you put down the flag, indicating ‘I am done,’ the waiters would stop serving you. In one word, it was a ‘never-ending lunch.’

The meat was foil packed and roasted at high temperature in a large oven, open for all to see. It was an excellent lunch at 9,990 KSH ($96) per person and simply a paradise for meat lovers. Any meat lover must experience this ‘once in a lifetime’ meal before he or she dies. There is nothing more enchanting than to be a carnivore at CARNIVORE.

First Glance

Located at Langata Road near the Nairobi Safari Walk, Carnivore sprawls over some acres of land. Carnivore has a seating arrangement of around 100. Decorated with African murals and covered by a thatched roof, the restaurant bears a rustic look.

If you love eating meat, then this restaurant should be paradise for you.


On being seated, we were offered a welcome drink by Mr. Dawa, who greets all guests and makes them feel comfortable. The restaurant staff explained to us the use of the tiny flags kept on the side of the table. Keeping the flag standing indicates ‘I need more’ while pointing it down means ‘I am full.’ Charmed by the joyous ambience, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we eagerly awaited the delicious fair.

The Service

The staff was undoubtedly the most professional I saw in Kenya. They were hospitable to guests, especially to the kids, and warmly introduced us to the history of the restaurant. They explained that the restaurant used to serve all types of wild meat, including giraffe, elephant, gazelle, crocodile and buffalo. But after 2005, the Government lawfully stopped the killing of some of these species. The only variety currently served are chicken, bull, ostrich and crocodile meat.

BBQ Crocodile


We were served meat from swords. It was a delightful spectacle to see the waiter serving chicken stuffed on the sword. The staff made sure that we liked the meat and I was excited to learn that this is one of the best theme restaurants in the world. We took several pictures with the staff.

How Was the food?

We started with an appetizer and then pumpkin soup. For the main dish, we begun with chicken followed by ox- meatballs. They were delicious, soft and nicely cooked. We were offered several rounds of this, then we were served roasted buffalo meat displayed on swords. The restaurant staff proudly showed us the sword and sliced the meat with a knife in style, although the buffalo meat was a bit chewy to me. Soon after that, they served us ostrich meat with rounds of salad. Finally we were served the ultimate wonder, crocodile meat – for which we had been waiting so long. The restaurant staff told us that only a select portion of the crocodile is butchered to serve the guests. Crocodile is said to possess poison in its body, except for some organs. It was an excellent meal; never did I enjoy so many meaty delights.


Kenya – A Fellow Carnivore

My Verdict

If you love eating meat, then this restaurant should be paradise for you. The ambience of the restaurant is so friendly and tranquil that you will forget any stress. 9,990KSH ($96) per person for this fabulous meal is definitely a bargain and I loved the way Kenyans still preserve the ‘paleo style’ of dining. However, don’t ask for a doggy bag – they won’t let you take home any leftovers! My verdict for the entire service would be 4.5* out of 5*. If you’re in Kenya, check it out.

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Arindom Ghosh

Arindom Ghosh

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  • Erika

    If only I wasn’t vegetarian…

    July 16, 2017 at 5:49 pm
  • David

    Kenya has the best meat experience, have experienced it and still experiencing it. Thanks for the read.

    July 27, 2017 at 4:23 am
  • Sweta Chakraborty

    It must be a great experience. Being a carnivore amongst the wild.

    August 23, 2017 at 9:32 am