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Lamu, Kenya: The Land of Donkeys and Charm

The day is Tuesday, and I am a bit idle. I remember suddenly that a friend had invited me to Lamu Island, on the east coast of Kenya, seven months ago when I was still working a nine to five job. I never went because I could hardly get away for more than three days. […]

Kisumu City, Kenya: The Floating Lights of Lake Victoria

A night without witnessing the floating lights on Lake Victoria is not a night at all around Kisumu City. Francis had been reveling in the splendid beauty of the lights from the floating towns on Lake Victoria for months. “Come, check it out,” he frequently chided me. So, I arrived unannounced one weekend for a […]

Kakamega, Kenya: No Ordinary Town

When you board a bus from Nairobi to Kakamega, expect to travel about 223 miles. You can use three different routes while traveling by road: the first one is through Kapsabet, which is the shortest. The second is via Eldoret while the third one is via Kisumu City. Kakamega town lies in the larger Kakamega […]

Nakuru, Kenya: A Bird Watcher’s Paradise

In Lake Nakuru you can kill two birds with one stone. Not in the literal sense of course – game wardens on duty won’t let you. Rather, Lake Nakuru is a bird watcher’s paradise that offers tourists twofold benefits – you save money and time all in one trip! Bird Watching Fascination I have a […]

Mombasa, Kenya: The Perks Of Being A Beach Bum

I love the beach. Even today, years later, the sound of waves breaking onto sand or the trademark smell of salty air takes me back to the beaches in Mombasa, Kenya where I spent a major part of my formative years. Mombasa hasn’t changed much from my childhood memories – it’s matured from a town […]

Kenya: Where to Find the Best Barbecued Crocodile

A typical trip to Kenya is all about nature, Masai life and stories of hunting. My trip to Kenya in 2013 was an exciting one. I have many fabulous memories of the adventurous journey – starting with chasing a lion in the open tourist van, kissing a giraffe in the giraffe center and trying the […]

Nairobi, Kenya: A Tree House Safari

Nairobi is the wonderfully modern and vibrant capital city of Kenya and is home to over 3 million residents. It has a cosmopolitan vibe mixed with colonial influences and is a city that belongs to the young. Nairobi comes from a Maasai phrase, which translates to “cool water.” The colonial government established the city in […]

Mombasa, Kenya: The Tourism Hub of Kenya

Mombasa is the tourism hub of Kenya with beautiful sandy beaches, a laid-back culture and hospitable people. I have been to Mombasa several times, and I can tell you that this city is indeed a piece of heavenly paradise. The hotels in this beautiful city receive international acclaim for their impeccable hospitality, ambiance and customer […]

Nairobi, Kenya: How to Survive in the Big City

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya, a major developing country that lies on the eastern coast of the African continent. Nairobi has a special place in my heart because I was born and raised in this bustling metropolitan city. I, along with 3.375 million other Kenyans, call this city home. We are a collection […]

Nairobi, Kenya: Survivors by Default

Nairobi – sounds familiar? Even without knowing the exact location of Nairobi, chances are you have heard it mentioned either by a colleague or in the media. In any case, if you know who the first black American president is, then the name Kenya must ring a bell. His father, Obama, was actually wholly Kenyan […]