Buenos Aires, Argentina: From Football to Performance Art

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Buenos Aires, Argentina: From Football to Performance Art

From football to performance art and traditional Argentinean ‘asado,’ Buenos Aires has it all. When I arrived in the city, I never realized it would be so cosmopolitan – it actually reminded me a lot of New York with its subway system, tree-lined streets and vast buildings….as well as the disparity of wealth. Within 100 meters of each other, you would see the classic black and white Chanel storefront juxtaposed with a homeless person begging on the street. But nonetheless, Buenos Aires is an amazingly diverse and interesting city, with activities for whatever you’re into.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires – The Colorful Street Art of La Boca PIC: CT

Football in La Boca

Perhaps the most famous spot for football fanatics in Buenos Aires is La Boca – the home of the famous football stadium La Bombonera and many notable Argentinian players. For those who don’t know/care about football – I feel ya! But the neighborhood itself is also a sight to be seen. Between the colorful streets and murals, the tango performances and many restaurants, you could spend the good part of a day wandering around.

The Best of Performance Art 

Perhaps my favorite part of Buenos Aires was the different performances you could see, for such a cheap price! The first I went to was called La Bomba del Tiempo, which literally means ‘The Time Bomb.’ It’s a percussion extravaganza held every Monday night. Tickets are around $10 USD and are worth every cent (so much so I actually went twice). It’s held in a quirky and creative outdoor venue, called Konex, with a chilled vibe and great drinks – and if you’re lucky someone might also pass you a joint. After dancing (and sweating) up a storm for three hours, the show ended, or so we thought. Once we left the stadium, it was clear people still wanted to party and the streets filled with people dancing and drumming. This really is the best way to start your Monday!

buenos aires

Buenos Aires – La Bomba del Tiempo PIC: CT

Another incredible, but vastly different performance is Fuerza Bruta, meaning ‘Brute Force.’ And honestly, I can hardly put into words the intensity and inspired performance these artists give. It’s a mixture of short theatre-like performances, dances and total sensory overload. A completely immersive experience, which will make you feel full of love and energy while simultaneously questioning your existence in this crazy universe. Tickets are around $20 and my friend and I chose to go to the ‘DJ night,’ a late performance that then turns into a dance club after. So if you want a night out like no other, then look no further.

buenos aires

Buenos Aires – A Mesmerizing Performance from Fuerza Bruta PIC: CT

All You Can Eat Asado

You can’t go to Argentina without trying traditional asado (and if you’re vegetarian, then I’m sorry, but please skip this recommendation). Asado is classic BBQ. I’m not sure what makes it so amazing, but all I can tell you is that it will change any carnivore’s life. Some local friends and I hit up a recommended spot, called Don Julio Parrilla. After filling up on bread (BIG mistake), we ordered the largest sample platter, which included every type of meat and body part imaginable – notably sweet breads, kidney, liver, blood sausage as well as the regular beef, pork and lamb steak. In true asado style, be prepared to eat until you hit coma level fullness, and clear the rest of your night because you won’t be very productive after.

A Photographer’s Dream

If architecture and beautiful landscapes are your thing, then you won’t be disappointed. Many of my days in Buenos Aires were spent just wandering the streets looking at the buildings. A visit to El Ateno Grand Splendid is not to be missed! The old theatre turned bookshop and café is the perfect place to peruse Argentinian and International literature, as well as have a coffee or a bite to eat.

buenos aires

Buenos Aires – The Bookshop and Café of El Ateno Grand Splendid PIC: CT

Tetre Colon not only has a beautiful exterior, but also an incredible guided tour during which you can see the stunning roof stylings and intricate column designs inside. If you’re lucky (and don’t mind spending a bit of extra cash) you can also buy tickets to a concert within the famous theatre, and sit where Argentinean royalty has sat.

Casa Rosada is another spot to check out, with its bright pink exterior and beautiful surrounding gardens. It’s a perfect place to come and take colourful photography or just to sit on the grass and people watch.

buenos aires

Buenos Aires – Casa Rosada and the Surrounding Gardens PIC: CT

Having spent only two weeks in Buenos Aires, I feel like I only scraped the surface of what this city has to offer. Between the typical tourist attractions, as well as the pop up techno parties and variety of food and drink venues, you’ll have a packed itinerary no matter how long you choose to stay for.

Catherine Tenardi

Catherine Tenardi

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  • Erika

    We definitely need to go. Maybe AA will learn tango with me!

    August 8, 2017 at 8:43 pm
  • Catherine

    It’s one of my favourite cities in Latin Amercia! The tango is not to be missed – although with my dance skills, I left it to the professionals haha

    August 14, 2017 at 11:24 am