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Guatemala: The Magic of Holy Week

Easter in Guatemala reminds me of the magical smell of corozo, which floods all of the Guatemalan houses and streets, the magical flavors of the fish to vizcaina (a mixture of the culture of the Spanish conquerors and the native people of my Guatemala), the torrejas, the molletes, the chilacayote drink, the beautiful carpets made […]

Cap Cana, Dominican Republic: You Can’t Escape Politics

AA loves his new GoPro (you may have noticed from the videos included in a few of my recent posts). It is by far his favorite purchase of the past year – much to the delight of my family who now has enough GoPro–related items to last a number of birthdays. AA is cautious of […]

Caracas, Venezuela: The City Hidden in the Valley

So, do you like a mix between nature and the world of steel and concrete? Then the city of Caracas will certainly not let you down! This city has a great history that goes back to the times of Cristóbal Colón, when the city (inhabited by locals called Caribes) was discovered by the Spanish. Caracas […]

Maracaibo, Venezuela: The Land of the Beloved Sun

Maracaibo is the most important city in Western Venezuela, not only because of its abundant livestock, but also due to its oil reserves. The city is also known for its local music, called Gaitas, which is heard at Christmastime all over Venezuela. I was born in Caracas, but my family lived in Maracaibo, and I […]

Colombia: A Bus Trip From Cartagena to the Ecuadorian Border

Colombia is an interesting country with warm and friendly people, beautiful colonial architecture, and a unique energy. Contrary to what is shown in the American media, which blows a small subculture way out of proportion, illegal narcotics are not glorified here. People generally live their lives normally, just like we do in America – and […]

Guatemala: Guatemala City, Antigua, Santa Elena and Melchor De Menos

I entered Guatemala through the Mexico border and took a bus to Guatemala City. Crossing the border is an intimidating experience – people freely walk across both sides, so anyone can pretend to be anybody and there are no defined gates to separate the two countries. Upon arriving at the El Dorado bus station in […]

Costa Rica: The Forest Will Provide

Vines make up 30% of the forest’s mass,” Sergio said, pointing to the canopy below us. We had passed the line between new and old forest, and the wind changed. The breeze grew stronger and the smell of moisture intensified. Relaxing in the verdant air, we continued onward, high above the dry rainforest of Costa […]

Antigua, Guatemala: A Few Days Well Spent

To anyone with a passing familiarity with Spanish, the fact that Antigua is ancient is no surprise. What I didn’t expect is just how incredible it would be. Much of the town centre retains its distinctive colonial era buildings, and as a result has been awarded UNESCO world heritage status. Whilst much of the colourful […]

Cusco, Peru: CooperarPeru

Volunteering at an after-school education program in Cusco, Peru was one of the most intense, but rewarding experiences I’ve encountered during my travels throughout South America. To get the most out of it, and give the most back, it takes a lot of planning, dedication and patience, so I would not recommend doing it on […]

Buenos Aires, Argentina: From Football to Performance Art

From football to performance art and traditional Argentinean ‘asado,’ Buenos Aires has it all. When I arrived in the city, I never realized it would be so cosmopolitan – it actually reminded me a lot of New York with its subway system, tree-lined streets and vast buildings….as well as the disparity of wealth. Within 100 […]