Novi Sad, Serbia: The City of Students

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Novi Sad, Serbia: The City of Students

From my point of view, arriving in Novi Sad was arriving to a city of possibilities. It meant leaving my hometown, Sombor, and my old habits behind me, and making a big step on my way to success.

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia. It is called The City of Students for a reason. Students make up a big part of the population here. Among the approximately 250,000 people living in Novi Sad, more than 50,000 are students. When I came here from a smaller town of about 48,000 people, this city seemed huge to me.

I lived in a hostel for students, and there I enjoyed hanging out with the other students and sharing my new home. It was a realization of my dreams, to be part of a group of people who did what I did, thought the way I thought, ate what I ate, dreamt what I dreamt and lived the way I lived. All of us were like one person. My friends and I were going to classes together every day, sharing every joyful and sad moment, overcoming our innocent problems, and walking shoulder to shoulder on the way to becoming educated and reputable people.

On top of that, every major attraction was near the hostel where I lived. The most important of which was the Danube River and the quay. I used to take long walks down to the river, inhaling its pleasant smell and feeling like I was at a beach of some great sea. Nearby there was a terrain and jogging track. I was so grateful for this track as it did wonders for my health and well-being.

It would take me about twenty minutes to walk to a bridge that led to the Petrovaradin Fortress. This fortress became famous as a place where Exit, the international musical festival, is organized every year. Many popular musicians and their fans from all around the world come here for the festival. For me, however, it was just a magnificent place with a lovely view.

A bit further there is another bridge with parks at both ends that leads to Sremska Kamenica. These parks represent nice little oases filled with small valleys, trees and narrow paths. Here you get an opportunity to feel like you are in some distant unknown part of the world, and that is why I loved to spend time there.

Another place I found astonishing was the National Park Fruska Gora, a beautiful mountain not far away from Novi Sad that is covered by forest. It is a perfect place for hikers. I attended several marathons traditionally organized every year here. These events summon thousands of people from all over Serbia, as well as hikers from neighboring countries. Walkers are led through paths by signs in a shape of a heart.

It was a realization of my dreams, to be a part of a group of people who did what I did, thought the way I thought, ate what I ate, dreamt what I dreamt and lived the way I lived. All of us were like one person.


In the center of Novi Sad, there are exclusive shops, bursting cafes and a lot more. While walking through these streets, I felt like an elf in all that greatness and splendor. Just beside the main street, there is a cathedral, an entrance to a park surrounding the cathedral, a passage filled with cafes, a fountain and a gallery. I passed this area whenever I was going to my favorite chess club. Just a few steps away, there are a few streets with a number of discotheques. I only started to go out to these clubs after three years of living in Novi Sad, but eventually I joined in and started to share my friend’s enthusiasm for nights out.

After the main street, you will find Danube Street, which leads to Danube Park – a popular destination for everybody, especially families with little children. Danube Park contains a small lake with two swans, called Isa and Bisa. These are the names that have stuck to the swans, regardless of the fact that the individual swans have changed over time. The swans are the main attraction for kids, who love feed them. Around the lake there is a path and many benches that are rarely empty. Many stories have been told between couples, friends and families on these benches.

One of the unforgettable events I experienced in Novi Sad was the Night of Museums. This special night was made to bring culture to the residents of Novi Sad. The entire city and its people suddenly become connected as the entire population travels from museum to gallery, from gallery to exhibition, and from exhibition to the National Theatre. This event excited me a lot. It was an extremely well-organized excursion that included thousands of people, and it really amazed me.

Eventually, however, I finished my education and, just like my friends, I left this amazing city. Living in Novi Sad has made me a richer person. My wealth lies in the emotions I brought back home with me, and the many magical moments I spent with my friends in a place that truly takes your breath away.

Jasmina Milivojevic

Jasmina Milivojevic

I was born in 1991. I went to primary school in Sombor, Serbia; then I finished grammar school, also in Sombor. I graduated with a degree in Linguistics in Novi Sad when I was 24. After that, I worked in a primary school as a teacher for a year. I like writing, jogging, hanging out with my family and my friends. I have also been playing chess for 14 years now.

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  • Erika

    Novi Sad seems like a wonderful place to be a student. Night of Museums sounds a bit like Art Walk in Los Angeles!

    May 21, 2017 at 10:39 am