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Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 7 Unique and Fun Things

Dubai isn’t big in terms of geography but tourists will never run out of fun things to do here.  Activities in this city range from the usual touristy ones (going to the beach, enjoying a Dubai desert safari, eating out, etc.) to more unique ones that you can only experience if you’re on holiday in […]

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: A Place of Realizations

I was born and grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Thirteen years later, I moved to the Philippines where my mother is from. Today, I’m in my 20s working as a Finance and Operations Coordinator in Manila, and a freelance writer on the side. I am half-Arabian and half-Filipino, and it’s a given that whenever […]

Medinah, Saudi Arabia: The Glorious Splendor of Heaven on Earth

My third semester at university had just ended. My classes had been tougher than ever and the exams hadn’t gone as well as I had hoped. I had also kept myself busy with community service, which meant I had barely had time to rest on the weekends. Yet, however tumultuous and stressful the semester may have […]

Makkah, Saudi Arabia: Lessons from the History of Spirituality

The giant GMC car was moving through the desert towards Makkah at a speed of 160 km/hour. Usually Arab drivers cover their car’s license plate with masking tape so cameras cannot identify the vehicle. That’s genius, isn’t it? My family was sleeping in the back seat due to the fatigue of travel, and I was […]

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: A Desert Safari

Dubai is rightly called a hub of business and culture. With a GDP of $403.2 billion (acc. to 2014), the economy of Dubai is the second largest in the United Arab Emirates. The primary source of income in Dubai is tourism, and it is the seventh-most visited city in the world. Recently, I had a […]

Bahrain: An Oasis in the Desert

As I was growing up in the 80’s, the Middle East was witnessing an oil boom. Many people from the Indian sub-continent wanted to go over there and enjoy the tax-free income. Somewhere I too harbored that desire, and in the mid 2000’s I finally got an opportunity to work in a beautiful country called […]

Tehran, Iran: Rediscovering Freedom

It has been exactly three years since I left Iran after living there for two months in 2014. Just yesterday, upon meeting someone new, I was asked about the top three craziest things I had ever done in my life. My decision to move to Iran and work for Simorgh Theatre Group (a children’s puppet […]

Israel: Sushi Dipped in Hummus

Sounds like a culinary catastrophe, right? Well that’s how I described myself during my Bar Mitzvah speech and, despite the less than appetizing culinary concoction, the crowd – figuratively – ate it up. I am half-Japanese and half-Israeli and I grew up spending most of my time in Los Angeles, yet passing three to four months […]

Cairo, Egypt: A Lesson in Hospitality

We had spent at least eight hours in a worn looking ferry, crossing from Aqaba in Jordan, to Nuweiba in Egypt. We still had a long bus journey ahead of us across the Sinai peninsula to Cairo, Egypt. My mother and I were travelling to visit Egyptian friends of hers that she had known since […]

Wadi Rum, Jordan: A Disappearing Way of Life

There have been Bedouin people living in the area of Wadi Rum for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. Perhaps it is only in the last 30 years that they have been persuaded out of their desert into villages with schools, health clinics, electricity and water bursting forth from pipes. As a testament to […]