Singapore: Six Reasons to Love Being a Singaporean

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Singapore: Six Reasons to Love Being a Singaporean

Growing up in Singapore has put me in the forefront of many possibilities. Singapore is a multi-cultural, multi-racial society and I am proud of the fact that there is so much religious and racial harmony and tolerance here. Living in Singapore is akin to being in a hot-pot altogether; you get a mix of skin colors and languages living on this land-scarce country. As a child, you learnt plenty from each other in the communal living spaces.

Young as we are at 52 years old, we can’t deny the fact that we have achieved a lot as a country. What started out as a fishing village and a small red dot on the map has evolved beautifully over years of hard work and dedication by our leaders into a prosperous first world country, recognized worldwide.

I have always seen it as a privilege to be born and breed in Singapore (and not to be taken for granted) and have come to embrace our many unique quirks.

6 Reasons Why I Embrace My Identity as a Singaporean

  1. In the recent 2017 Passport Index, Singapore was ranked second, jointly with Sweden, as having the most ‘powerful’ passport one can for visa-free travels. Now, that’s cause for celebration as a Singaporean traveler; making us easily one of the more privileged and well-travelled citizens around the world.
  2. Safety can easily be compromised. However, I am glad that in Singapore it is generally safe for girls to walk about on the streets alone at night. Of course I don’t mean you should get yourself into trouble by heading to off-site isolated places, but in general, if you are out and about, commuting between places etc., the streets are well-lit and generally safe.
  3. We can never go without delectable treats to make our days feel a little better. Singapore is a food paradise and we love our food. Just ask any foodie – the cameras ‘eat’ first. As the hub of Asia, we easily have access to cuisines from around the world. If you don’t already know, we are famed for our Chili Crabs, so mark it down. Now, I can’t even get started on where because there are so many places that you can head out to for good and affordable food. Whatever your budget, there will be something for you.
  4. Our unique colloquial. We have gotten so comfortable in mixing different ethnic languages in our daily conversations that we derived our Singaporean language – the Singlish. This is now officially part of Singapore’s identity and what makes us truly unique.
  5. Well, perhaps nothing much to shout about, but Singapore experiences typical summer throughout the year. Enduring the sweltering sun with temperatures hitting 34 degrees C (93 degrees F) and above on most months, we can’t help but groan in helplessness over the humidity, sweat and overbearing heat. If you love the sun, this is the place to be.
  6. Our dress sense. This leads to the above point about the weather. In Singapore, you will spot most of us in shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops (when not bounded by the confines of an office setting). It has become an identity of sorts. We may love our casuals, but recent years have also seen us dressing (or trying to) smartly while maintaining our cool – that’s an improvement!

But of course, the above are just some of my personal opinions on what makes Singapore unique and why I will always be proud of my identity as a true blue (or red) Singaporean. There are many more quirks and interesting facts about Singapore that you have to discover them yourself. So book that air ticket and start packing your sun block and swimsuit for a vacation to Singapore!

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Jiahui S

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