Accra, Ghana: Home Away from Home

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Accra, Ghana: Home Away from Home

They say moving isn’t easy, and that’s what I found out with Accra. I spent just a year there, but we formed a strong bond. She pushed me to my limits, but still allowed me to have fun. I fell in love with her day by day.

She was peaceful and slow, it took every bone in my body to be patient. I enjoyed her security and the fact that I could walk alone at midnight without worry. I love my night walks, and Accra gave me that.

The People

Her people were hospitable and very friendly. I was anxious when I arrived, but once I interacted with the locals, I found that they were amazing. And did I mention trusting! I admired this quality, considering what I’m used to, and it took me a while to let my guard down. In every place I visited, the people were friendly and ready to help whenever need be. From my Ghanaian colleagues at MEST to the shopkeepers.

I had a favorite shop where I always got my groceries. I had interesting conversations with the owner that kept me going back. The employees and our kitchen staff weren’t any different. They made the whole community feel like a home away from home.

Accra - James Town during chale wote PIC: MN

Accra – James Town During Chale Wote PIC: MK


Her food had me conflicted. My first week was experimental. I tried most of the Ghanaian dishes I could get my hands on. In the end, the only dishes I truly enjoyed were groundnut soup, plantain, jollof and banku and tilapia. I loved its spicy nature and combination.

Accra - Jollof and Beef Stew PIC: MK

Accra – Jollof and Beef Stew PIC: MK

Fufu, kenkey and eba were not as pleasing to me. I also wish Accra had more greens (like kale and spinach) that were affordable.

Accra - Banku and Tilapia PIC: MK

Accra – Banku and Tilapia PIC: MK

I can’t cover all the dishes, so find others here.


She has beautiful beaches. Sadly the first beach I went to, Sandbox, didn’t live up to my expectations. It was dirty with litter. Despite that, I managed to have a good time with my friends during the New Year’s party.

Accra - Atlantic ocean waves sweeping the sandbox. PIC: MK

Accra – Atlantic Ocean Waves Sweeping the Sandbox. PIC: MK

Kokrobite beach was great. I went there with my colleagues and we had the best time. We played football and volleyball on the beach, built sand castles and dove in for a swim. That’s the kind of fun we needed after a hectic and intense month.

Accra - Kokrobite at Sunset PIC: MK

Accra – Kokrobite at Sunset PIC: MK

Ada Foah, however, was the cream of them all. This is where the river Volta joins the Atlantic ocean. She wowed me with her strong waves and scent. Her breeze was magical and I stared at her for hours. I couldn’t wait to get rid of my shoes and bury my feet in her sand.

On one side I had the ocean and on the other the river. Walks on the beach in the evening and early morning swims were refreshing. The experience was to die for and the company I had made it worth it.

Accra - Maranatha Beach Camp PIC: MK

Accra – Maranatha Beach Camp PIC: MK

Cape Coast; the beach with clear waters (and which deserves it’s own piece). I remember swimming in the water before the sun rose, and wondering why the water was still warm. Was it because of the beautiful coral rocks that seemed to divide the beach into sections?


When I left for Accra, I knew she was a beach town, but I was not ready for the atmosphere there. Unlike the usual hustle and bustle of Nairobi, Accra lacks huge skyscrapers and the noisy yet slow traffic. Even better, she is more of a metropolis than a city – meaning she continues to enjoy an amazing tree cover to calm the warm ocean breeze.

Save for the period of December-January when harmattan strikes, the weather is amazing. And for a girl like me, with little recollection of my high school geography days, I was surprised to note that the length of the days and nights were different than in Nairobi. It was dawn before the Nairobi cock crows, and dusk before the Nairobi office secretary left work.

Taking walks along the street at 6pm engulfed with darkness, save for the dim lights from the streetlights, and having morning runs at 5am just as the sun rose were the best parts of my day.

Accra - East Legon at Sunset PIC: MK

Accra – East Legon at Sunset PIC: MK


I had great experiences and created wonderful memories in Accra. So next time you are looking for adventure, I highly recommend Accra – you won’t regret it!


Mercy Kinoti

Mercy Kinoti

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  • Erika

    Accra is such a wonderful city, and you captured it so beautifully!

    November 27, 2017 at 8:20 pm