Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: 5 Spots You Won’t Want to Miss

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: 5 Spots You Won’t Want to Miss

Puerto Vallarta, the small resort town in Mexico is known for its beautiful seashore and is the ideal getaway spot for a quick holiday, no matter your budget (after all, there are plenty of ways to find good travel deals). Being a small town, you can cover the entire length and breadth of this picturesque place on foot. With its sunny, tropical climate and a cool year-round breeze, you’ll enjoy soaking in the essence of this easy-going, close-knit community.

While we’re sure you won’t miss any of the landmarks at Puerto Vallarta, we’ve made a quick checklist of the most photogenic spots.

  • Los Arcos and El Malecón

An iconic spot that has captured the interest of many travel lovers and history enthusiasts, there’s no place that compares to the mesmerizing beauty of the row of arches in the oceanfront square of Plaza Morelos. A tourist attraction around the globe, Los Arcos also has other interesting attractions like unique sand sculptures, artifacts, street performers and statues that will make for great photographs.

  • Bucerías Fishing Village

This little hideout, located at a distance from the main Puerto Vallarta village, can be reached via local buses for as little as 20 pesos. A serene, secluded beach, you will be able to avoid the tourist crowd and enjoy a day of fishing, swimming and some local cuisines from the shacks that line the beach – perfect for anyone looking to capture breathtaking pictures of the virgin beaches in Puerto Vallarta. For more on seaside attractions at Puerto Vallarta, click here.

  • Isla Río Cuale

Isla Río Cuale is a cute market town that can easily be missed if you’re a first time tourist to this place. Watch out for the White pedestrian bridge that’s surrounded by fruit sellers, handicrafts and beautiful local pottery shops. The vibrant, colorful items along with the happy, smiling faces of the helpful locals make for memorable pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden

Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden

  • Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Another place that calls for photographs even if you’re not a photo enthusiast is the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This red bricked, centre-piece of town, cannot be missed, with its church bells chiming at regular intervals announcing that it’s time for mass.

  • Vallarta Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens, located in the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta can be reached by cab for a fun day trip.  It is widely recommended that you spend at least a day here if you really want to soak in the flora and fauna of the place. A paradise for photo-lovers looking for unconventional shots, Botanical Gardens is a surprise package that you’ll be glad you visited. As a tip for taking great photos here, check out useful travel photography tips. Lightroom mobile travel presets has a number of filters that will make it easy to edit your travel photos.

This resort beach-town of Puerto Vallarta, located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico is filled with views, sights and people that call for a click no matter where you turn. You’ll definitely be grateful to have visited and captured images of the locales mentioned above.

Georgina Smith