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Inle Lake

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Myanmar: A Slowly Awakening Country

If there is one place still relatively ‘untouched’ by the chaos of the world, that would be Myanmar, the land of faith. A Buddhist country, Myanmar has managed to keep its serenity and peace with charming sights and friendly, happy locals. If you need a place to snap photos without a worry, Myanmar will be […]

Inle Lake, Myanmar: A Life Aviatic

Check out the prequel on Inle Lake here. I count myself lucky. Having lived in nearby Taunggyi for six months, Inle Lake was my weekend getaway (50 minutes of white-knuckle action by local bus down the scarp of the Shan Plateau). I always felt a frisson on arriving at Nyaung Shwe, the biggest town on the […]

Inle Lake, Myanmar: A Fragile Resource

What are we to conclude from the fact that Inle Lake was enlisted into the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves as recently as June 2015, a full five years after the Network had been established at the UN’s cultural HQ in Paris? The country was opening, but this was before Aung San Suu Kyi’s […]