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Fort Myers, Florida: The Best Bar & Grille

Although I’m a Detroiter at heart, I love love love to travel any chance I get. Recently, my girlfriends and I decided to take a last minute, post-heartbreak vacation to Fort Myers, Florida. Little did we know that this trip would change our outlook on life. Let’s be real here, breakups suck. They’re not fun […]

Orlando, Florida: Living Where You Vacation

I grew up in a “tourist town:” Williamsburg, VA. I’m used to the summer rush of people from all over the globe flocking to the place I call home – the incompetent drivers, the number of hotels, and all my favorite restaurants being busy every night of the week. I’ve spent 24 years in a […]

Miami, Florida: The Hunger to Compete

The heat. Whew. Not one of the best aspects of South Florida. But then again – isn’t that why people come running to the beaches of Miami? I’ve lived in Miami for practically my entire life. The things I remember most are the scorching heat, muddy 5k races and hunger of city businesses. Miami, well […]

Key West, Florida: Feeling 100 at Mile 0

Why Key West? Well, I’m one of those people where, if I’m going on vacation there has to be a beach, I have to be in the water, and I am going to need a tropical drink in my hand. Some people think I’m crazy, “PJ,” I can hear them saying, “Don’t you love the […]