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3 Tips for First Time Travelers to the Philippines

Once you are bitten by the travel bug, there is no way you can reverse the strong effects of wanderlust. You will always feel the need to find every opportunity to satisfy a seemingly unquenchable thirst to see the world at large. And when you visit a new place, each time it is one of […]

Paete, Philippines: The Carving Capital of the Philippines

Is there something you are proud of about your homeland? If there’s something Filipinos are known for, it is being too proud of being a Filipino. I think Filipinos are one of the most patriotic people in the world. So, don’t be surprised when you see one who is trying to defend his culture or […]

Mactan Island, Philippines: A Tale of Two Bridges, Traffic and Tourists

I’ve been living in Lapu-lapu City, Mactan Island for the past four years. I love that it’s just a few minutes from Cebu City and the mainland (which is still really an island – just a bigger one), and all the modern conveniences they have to offer, but hate that those few minutes can easily […]

Tacloban City, Philippines: Memories Of Childhood Marred By A Typhoon

The rain is falling down hard, knocking on the window pane. It’s the new typhoon making its presence felt. The weather bureau, PAGASA, says the typhoon is expected to land up north in Luzon in 24 hours or so. I’m glad it’s going to miss my hometown, Tacloban City. At the same time, I feel […]

Caloocan City, Philippines: My Time as a Salingkit

I must admit, I grew up in an era when mobile phones, tablets and the likes were non-existent. I think the most high-tech gadget I ever got my hands on was a handheld electronic game. Kids of my generation in Caloocan went outside to play, and it was hard to play by ourselves so we […]

Manila, Philippines: Two Extremes

Metro Manila is the capital region of the Philippines. Its seventeen cities and municipalities is an urban jungle filled to the brim with an unbroken sea of humanity. Within its six hundred square kilometers (roughly the size of Virginia Beach) are twelve million people (roughly the population of Virginia and Connecticut combined), each weaving their […]