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The Sagrada Familia: A Lesson in Everyday Courage

On the way home from Barcelona, I read Teju Cole’s essay about trying to photograph the Swiss alps (Far Away From Here). He describes the way each photograph of something so familiar becomes a new doubt. In a place that every master has documented, an attempt to capture it anew risks boring, or betraying a […]

Ibiza, Spain: Party Time or Family Fun?

It was the middle of April and we decided a getaway was in order. A new adventure, a different trip. When I say we, I mean myself, my partner, Natasha, and our young son, Travis. We decided on a five day trip to Ibiza in the Balearic Islands. During this short trip, we saw many […]

Barcelona, Spain: The City of Gaudi

Barcelona has a lot to offer to its visitors – art, culture, delicious food, and so many ways to have fun! However, one of the city’s main attractions is experiencing the influence of Antoni Gaudì’s unmistakably unique architectural sites, many of which have since become UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Experience Antoni Gaudí’s Architecture Still considered […]

Tenerife, Spain: Living la “Vida Tranquila”

Traveling and moving around has always been something that defined me. My mother used to tell me that I am unstable and unable to completely assimilate a culture. Somehow, she was right because I kind of lost the idea of home when I was seven years old and left my grandparents’ countryside house. That feeling didn’t […]