Interview with Alice Smith of Sure Way English

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Interview with Alice Smith of Sure Way English

Hello, Alice! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi! Good to speak to you. I am one of the founding team members at Sure Way English. After completing my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Melbourne, I worked with a couple of e-learning companies before moving to Sure Way English. At Sure Way English, I have had the great pleasure of being involved in building up a great platform for English language test takers from all over the world

What are your focus areas and why?

At Sure Way English, our one and only focus is on helping our students achieve a good score on their PTE Academic exam. Sure Way English offers an online coaching program and courses for PTE Academic. As the Lead Student Coordinator, I am responsible for connecting with our student community through email and social media, listening to their inputs, answering their queries and helping them get the most out of their PTE courses.

How would you describe “Sure Way English” in a few words?

Put simply – Sure Way English is the place you go when you must get a high score on the PTE Academic. A lot of students attended various coaching centers in India, Australia or elsewher before coming to Sure Way English. They fail to achieve their goal because these programs are made for a general audience, lack the flexibility and are usually run by inexperienced teachers. Most of the people teaching at so called coaching centers are those that have just cleared the exam and now want to make some quick money.

Sure Way English’s online PTE coaching program is an attempt to overcome this lack of quality in the PTE Academic teaching space. It is a place where you go to study whenever you want and focus on the  most important and challenging things for you. When you need help, the valuable advice and guidance of the best tutors are only an email away.

Where do you think “Sure Way English” is making an impact?

Sure Way English is impacting student lives in a very direct manner. We help them achieve a good scoreon the PTE test, which leads to a successful visa application. This paves the way for a bright future. Students are no longer at the mercy of substandard coaching centers that charge an arm and leg for the privilege of sitting in a crowded classroom. I think we at Sure Way English are changing all of that.

What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while building “Sure Way English”?

One of the biggest challenges was to create a real classroom-like learning environment in an online space. We wanted the students to feel like they have a teacher with them at all times. That is when we came up with the beautiful concept of “Guided Practice.” The unique thing about our courses is this feeling that you always have a teacher with you. Another great challenge was building a PTE test software that not only resembles the actual Pearson PTE software, but also helps the student in self assessment.

Tell us about how you help test takers achieve their desired scores.

We provide them everything they need for success, including on demand lectures students can watch anytime, high quality practice materials, a practice test software just like the real exam and guidance and assessment services from expert teachers. If a student is sincere and puts in time and effort, we are hundred percent confident he can achieve the desired score.

 Tell us a few of your success stories.

There are so many of them. You know, each week, more than a hundred Sure Way English students achieve a score of 65+ or 79+. Some of them write back beautiful emails telling us how the course almost changed their life. Our favorite stories are those of hardworking, sincere people working in a job and trying hard to clear their PTE at the same time. Some of these people have been trying for five years or more. So, when someone like that achieves his goal, it is a great story indeed.

What advice do you have for PTE test takers?

I would just like to tell them their goal is within reach. They need to believe in themselves, need to have faith and put in determined effort. If they do so, they can meet their English proficiency requirements quickly. They should stay away from fake experts on the Internet and elsewhere. We welcome them to check out the Sure Way English website and get to know us and our methods. We are confident that with our support, they will find it easy to get a score of 65 or 79 plus.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Being a part of the Sure Way English family has been a life enriching experience for me personally. I and our team get deep joy out of helping people achieve their goals. On behalf of the whole Sure Way English team, I invite you to become a part of our family.