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Gorumara, India: Elephants, Rhinoceroses and Peacocks

Sobar Sera Gorumara, this is the mantra the wildlife division of Jalpaiguri chant when they start describing Gorumara National Park. The slogan means “Gorumara is the best of all.” This one sentence is enough to describe Gorumara in brief. Declared as a national park in 1955, Gorumara was announced the best national park in India […]

Kolkata, India: Happiness in the Smallest of Things

I wasn’t born in Kolkata. But I was brought up in this city of joy. Kolkata is the place where I spent my childhood and I have experienced every corner of this city, having lived here for the past twenty-five years. Just name a place in this city and I will be able to guide […]

Darjeeling, India: Your First and Last Love

Darjeeling is perhaps the only hill station where one can reminisce about days lost while sitting in peace, sipping coffee and catching a glimpse of the magnificent Kanchenjunga. It is like your first love, always at the back of your mind providing soothing memories of idle pleasures while you are lost amid the chaotic hustle […]

Delhi, India: Elegant Sarees and Indian Curry

As a person coming from another part of the world to explore Delhi, you must be open to experiences you have never had before. The sheer number of people that live in this capital city is often off-putting for people who come expecting a calm hill station-like environment. However, Delhi is a glorious city that […]

Kolkata, India: The City of Joy

Kolkata is the city of my childhood – so you will understand the feeling of intense joy that flows out of me when I speak of it. Today I will give free-reign to this emotion, bouncing back to the happy and tension-free days I spent in Kolkata. The city, known by many names and colored in […]

Jaipur, India: The Paris of India

I spent my college years immersed in a heavy dose of Indian history, so you can easily understand my fascination with the royals and their lofty monuments. I was seriously dying to visit the imperial cities of India and when I got the opportunity to visit Jaipur, how could I miss it? I quickly jumped […]

Mysore, India: Dosas and Idlis

I had been in the IT city of Bangalore for quite some time and was enjoying my trip around the city. This place has so much to offer tourists that even a month isn’t enough to cover all its tourist spots and destinations. I just couldn’t get enough of the shopping at Brigade, and I kept […]

New Delhi, India: East, West, North, South

Driving through Delhi is like going back in time, you never know what will come next. Step out of the airport, stay in one of the plush hotels of Gurugram and junk all those travel guides, except your phone’s GPS. Inbound foreign tourists want to see the rich history that has been preserved against the […]

New Delhi, India: The Heart of India

The Hindi word for heart is Dil, and Delhi – or Dilli as we like to call it – is truly the heart of India. I have lived in this wonderful city my whole life and I wouldn’t willingly leave it for even a beach side villa in The Maldives. I have grown so used […]

Udaipur, India: History and Scenery

Scintillating lakes, age-old palaces and gardens, the deserts of Rajasthan, air with a hint of otherworldly charm, clandestine lanes and the backdrop of pristine mountains with the touch of royalty – you will find it all in the small, romantic town of Udaipur. There’s art, heritage, music and nature – all this combined will send you […]