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New Zealand: Nau Mai Ki Zealand Hou

When thinking of New Zealand, we will forgive you for jumping to the conclusion that we are just off the coast of Australia – or worse yet, that we are one in the same. New Zealand, or Aotearoa as we call it, is located some 1,500 kilometres east of Australia. It is said that we were […]

Perth, Australia: The Ideal Childhood

Sunshine, sand and fresh air! Growing up in the quiet city of Perth, Western Australia was as carefree and safe as you can imagine. It was a little town with big city dreams, and I was a little girl with dreams to match! Although Western Australia has a land mass over twice the size of […]

Sydney, Australia: A Home Away from Home

It’s easy to think of Sydney as a land that only exists in movies and TV shows. However, Sydney has this enchanting way of making you feel at home, even though it’s miles away from home! The first time I visited the city, I remember feeling like I had been there before. It was strangely […]