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Interview with A New Way to Book

Hello Yatin, can you tell us a bit about yourself? I’ve spent over 20 years in the internet technology and e-commerce industries as an entrepreneur, designer, founder, investor, and operator. More recently, I’ve been focused on the travel and hospitality industry through, which I started with my co-founder Mahesh Chaddah in 2014. I am […]

The Sagrada Familia: A Lesson in Everyday Courage

On the way home from Barcelona, I read Teju Cole’s essay about trying to photograph the Swiss alps (Far Away From Here). He describes the way each photograph of something so familiar becomes a new doubt. In a place that every master has documented, an attempt to capture it anew risks boring, or betraying a […]

3 Tips for First-Time Travelers to India

If there is anything I have learned from YouTube about the United States, it is that many Americans know little to nothing about countries outside the Western world (North America, Europe, and Australia). Street interviews of U.S. residents are easy to find online. Ordinarily, the interviewers ask random people on the streets about their knowledge […]

How to Land a Job Where You Can See the World

How to Land a Job Where You Can See the World Most people spend somewhere between 21 and 35 percent of their lives working or thinking about work. That’s a substantial amount of time, and it’s no surprise people — especially women — feel more satisfied by work that taps into their dreams. For many […]

3 Tips for First Time Travelers to the Philippines

Once you are bitten by the travel bug, there is no way you can reverse the strong effects of wanderlust. You will always feel the need to find every opportunity to satisfy a seemingly unquenchable thirst to see the world at large. And when you visit a new place, each time it is one of […]

Interview with Vicky: Artist, Traveler and Entrepreneur

Hello Vicky, can you tell us a bit about yourself? I‘m owner and creator of e-shop, artprintsvicky. I’m graphic designer, happy mother and wife and I live in Greece. I used to work as freelancer as well as for advertising agencies. Living in the one of most beautiful countries in the world, with its breathtaking islands […]

Growing Up in Suceava, Romania

Suceava is a medium-sized town in the northeast of Romania with a rich history and cultural heritage. Inhabited since the Paleolithic era, the actual establishment of the city has been lost in the fog of time. But Suceava rose to fame in the middle ages under the rule of Stephen the Great as the capital city […]

How Travel Can Improve Your Mental Health

Think back to the last time you took a trip to another country, another state, or another town. Do you recall the excitement you felt as you anticipated the trip or neared your destination? Do you remember the laughs and memories you created with friends, family or even strangers? Euphoric might be a good way […]

Interview with Blake Rubin: Travel Enthusiast and Brilliant Photographer

Blake Rubin is a master photographer who has spent her entire life learning how to capture the world through her lens. She has created the Blake Rubin Foundation Scholarship to help budding photographers receive the education they deserve. She has traveled extensively and continues to take photographs that captivate her audience. Hello Blake, can you […]

Interview with Dr. Adrian Rubin: Renowned Climatologist and Public Advocate

Dr. Adrian Rubin is a climatologist who has known nothing but success in her life. She has pursued her passion for studying the weather and has provided valuable information that has helped the scientific community. She continues to work in the climatology field to help us understand the natural world around us. Hello Adrian, can […]