Interview with Colby Lee Burke: Travel Writer and Expert on Hilton Head, SC

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Colby Lee Burke

Interview with Colby Lee Burke: Travel Writer and Expert on Hilton Head, SC

Hello Colby Lee Burke, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi there. I’m Colby Lee Burke, I’m a professional travel writer who travels across the world and creates stories based on my experiences. I’ve had my work published in many national and regional periodicals. I love to find new places that I have never been before and write about them. I really enjoy telling other people about my experiences in those places in hopes that it will encourage them to travel too.

What are your focus areas and why?

Some of my favorite areas of focus whenever I travel are the art, culture, and architecture of each city that I visit. I firmly believe that passing down these ideas will bring about positive cultural change for all individuals. We can grow as individuals by learning as much as we can about other people and their ways.

Where did your interest in travel writing come from?

I first began freelance writing when I left college. I wrote for the local college newspaper and literary magazine. I supported myself as a copy editor after I graduated and wrote travel pieces during my free time. I had loved the thought of being able to make a living by traveling and writing at the same time. However, everything changed when one of my college mentors encouraged me to pitch my travel writing to various publications. Before long, I was able to quit my day job and begin travel writing full-time.

What were some of the biggest challenges you have encountered while traveling around the world and writing?

This one is an incredibly important lesson that almost anyone can benefit from. One of the biggest challenges that I have faced when traveling is the fact that you can feel displaced. What I mean by this is that you can lose your sense of home. It is important to have a home base where you can stay regularly to recharge yourself after extensive trips. Otherwise, you may feel a bit lost at times.

Tell us about some of the exotic places you have visited.

One of the most exotic places that I have visited was Florence, Italy. There is an incredible nightlife underneath the surface that many people oftentimes overlook when they visit. Edinburgh, Scotland is another favorite of mine too. The historical significance of that place is truly amazing and makes you realize the importance of Scottish history.

You mentioned that your favorite place is Hilton Head, South Carolina. What is it in particular that you love about Hilton Head?

I feel as if there are too many things to list here about Hilton Head. I have always loved beaches. Hilton Head has such an incredible white beach that captivates everyone when they visit. The water is always crystal clear and there’s plenty to do around the island. This place is a must-go for any serious traveler looking for a weekend getaway. There’s plenty of things to read about if you search “Colby lee burke Hilton Head” on google too.

Any great stories from Hilton Head?

There was one instance when I left my cell phone behind near the pool. I was panicking all day because my cell phone is almost like an extension of myself (laughs). I use it for business mostly and really needed to check some emails at the time. Turns out the hotel staff near me was able to find it and delivered it to my room after I had been searching for it all day.

What are some of your all-time favorite stories?

I had visited Scotland and was watching a historical ceremony take place. It was incredibly moving because I had always felt connected to Scottish culture. The music that was being played on the bag-pipes was incredibly moving too. I would end up meeting one of my best friends at that ceremony and we ended up staying in contact throughout the years. You never know who you’re going to meet when you travel!

Any words of advice for new writers looking to make a living as travel writers?

I would say stay persistent with it. It will take time before you start reaping the rewards. Let your passion guide you into this industry.

What are your top three travel tips?

  • Be ready to discover amazing things.
  • Make sure your phone is always charged and bring a camera.
  • Be sure to live in the moment whenever you are traveling.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

The most important thing to remember when doing this job is to have fun and remain curious about the world around you!