Interview with Andy Jacob: Builder of Beautiful Businesses

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Interview with Andy Jacob: Builder of Beautiful Businesses

Hello, today we are very excited to interview one of America’s most innovative business consultants, Andy Jacob, CEO of the Jacob Group. Andy has been seen as a guest financial expert on many television shows and is also the author of numerous white papers, a successful entrepreneur, business founder, and the pioneer of One Hour Business Consulting. Andy, thank you for sitting down with us. We would like to do a rapid fire interview with you. Let’s find out the first thing that comes to your mind in our rapid fire interview! Ready? Let’s go!

Andy, can you tell us a bit about your One Hour Business Consulting Program?

Absolutely, I strive to simplify things for my clients. Everyone works to make things complicated. I follow one simple rule: Make things as simple as possible by asking the right questions.

What area do most companies forget to think about?

It’s pretty interesting. Most companies forget why they are actually in business. They get involved with everything but the most important thing, which is making your customers happy.

Where do you think ‘The Jacob Group’ is making an impact?

We’re moving the bar so that businesses understand that solving problems can be done quickly as long as they know the right questions.

We have read your beautiful startup quiz, and it’s really on target. How did you become an expert at asking the right question?

By asking a lot of the wrong questions and learning from them.

What do startup founders miss the most?

They miss customers. Without customers, there is no real business.

What about companies that raise money with no paying customers?

They are getting funding rounds based on a belief that there will be paying customers at some point in the future. Even technology customers must have customers, or there is no company.

Tell us about the 10x Paradox?

I could do a month on that. However, the basic concept is simple. Most companies aim too low. In today’s world, companies need to think about 10X growth versus doubling or tripling there business. Most companies aim too low, and it hurts them.

Tell us a bit about your past successes and what led you to found ‘The Jacob Group’?

After I sold my internet marketing company in 2010, people started calling me for many different reasons. A lot of business owners just wanted to talk. Others wanted help. Others wanted to pitch. I was able to put together 10 questions that every single business owner must answer for hyper revenue growth. I discovered early that helping friends and business associates was all about asking the right questions.

What do you do when you are not at work helping businesses?

Help businesses.

What’s the best advice you can give to our readers that want to build a great company?

If you want to build a great company, ask one simple question first: What am I doing that makes my customers over-the-top happy?

Thank you so much for your time Andy. We really appreciate your time, and thanks for giving our readers some insight into your vision.