Interview with Primo Hiring: India’s Top Recruitment Firm

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Interview with Primo Hiring: India’s Top Recruitment Firm

Hello, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi there, we are Primo Hiring, a leading recruitment consultant from India. We help companies find the right candidate for a particular position after conducting the necessary checks and interviews to ensure that their new employee’s goals and aspirations are perfectly aligned with the company’s. Candidates can also use us to find the job of their dreams. It’s free to register with us.

What are your focus areas and why?

We provide manpower to multiple industries covering 30+ functional areas, such as consumer products, energy and utilities, financial services, healthcare, education, media & entertainment, public sector, retail, technology, telecommunications, transport & logistics and travel & hospitality. In any recruiting project, our focus is on assessing the candidate across all possible parameters to ensure his or she suits the company’s requirements. Besides this, companies also come to us for their executive search, bulk recruitment and recruitment process outsourcing needs.

How would you describe “Primo Hiring” in a few words?

Primo Hiring works to find candidates who have the skills and potential to bring positive results to our client’s company.

Where do you think “Primo Hiring” is making an impact?

We believe that Primo creates an impact in three important ways. First, we save businesses a lot of time and money through our directed and expert hiring techniques, which reduce time to hire by more than 50%. Second, we help candidates find a suitable culture and environment for their next career step. Finally, there is the huge impact that a successful hire can have on a company’s growth and performance.

What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while building “Primo Hiring”?

Well, one critical area is to be able to provide a candidate who is a good cultural fit for the organisation. This includes assessing candidates for their beliefs and behaviour, which can be difficult to do, especially in situations when our ability to know the organisation depends on factors that we can’t control. But Primo has developed extensive psychological and industry resources to successfully test candidates on behavioural traits in order to recommend only the best candidates to our clients .

Tell us about how you help connect travelers to freelancing gigs.

We understand that travellers look to find short-term projects that keep them motivated. So our criterion to help people looking for freelance work is to make sure the candidate understands the results the client expects. Primo helps our candidates develop their presence on freelance job networks, traditional job boards, directories and resource pages. We give a lot of attention to work samples and portfolios over educational degrees or past work experience so that people with potential always get hired.

Tell us a few of your success stories.

In an assignment in Gurgaon as a recruitment consultant, Primo helped a major construction company with a very specific request. Our team was to find a dynamic sales manager with at least 10 years of experience in liaising with civic bodies. This project had some crucial aspects, like the candidates were to possess B2B sales experience with government or public offices – though not just any, but specifically municipal authorities and civic bodies. Additionally, we had to shortlist only those select few who were married and willing to relocate with their family to the company premises. Our team extensively sourced candidates through multiple channels to come up with a top star-list in six days. The client continues to be our recruiting partner to this day.

What advice do you have for travelers?

One suggestion would be to ensure that you’re always connected with reliable placement consultants like ourselves. To ensure dependability, look at the average response time of the consultant and try to assess through your communication if the recruiters at the other end are warm and professional. The good ones always are because they understand the value of human capital. Also, while on the go, make sure you always have your portfolio/resume with you in an accessible format.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Finding the right candidate or the right job is difficult, but Primo Hiring is committed to finding the right people for the right jobs. Like us, don’t settle for less.