Interview with Tim and Tristan: Co-Hosts of Walt Disney World Magic Florida

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Interview with Tim and Tristan: Co-Hosts of Walt Disney World Magic Florida

Hello Tim and Tristan, can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Hi, I am a 15+ year TV host who has worked doing play by plays for Anarchy Pro Wrestling. Also, my TV show has been voted most innovative TV show in the Southeast.

Tristan has been a lover of Disney World since I took him at the age of 6.  Tristan will be going into the 6th grade next year and wants to be an animator.

You are the co-hosts of a popular radio show, Walt Disney World Magic Florida. What is your radio show about?

We like to have fun and take people to the parks via our show.  Sure there are youtube videos, but radio is the theatre of the mind.  We play Walt Disney World music and live reports from the parks and give away Disney gift cards (oh yeah, and mustard sometimes).

Walt Disney World Magic

Walt Disney World Magic

What spurred your love for Walt Disney World?

My mom took me when I was about 9 years old. I fell in love with Epcot and it wasn’t until my honeymoon that I wanted to take Tristan. Ever since then, I have discovered a new love for Walt Disney World through Tristan’s eyes.

Tell us what separates Walt Disney World from other theme parks?

Other theme parks close. Walt Disney World never closes unless there is an emergency. Sure the individual parks themselves close, but WDW is a world all unto itself. You have all the resorts on property and the magic continues there. Visit Mickey is a group I work with on my show and they still teach me new things all the time about Walt Disney World. They book trips and extend the magic at home before people even leave for their trip.

Tim, you have recently started working with Block Chain and Krypto, what insight can you give us into this technology?

I was taught by a great teacher named Ernesto Lee. He explained to me that block chain is similar to different krypto currencies, but you are able to control it yourself. It certainly seems like the future of where the internet is going – having more control yourself instead of always having a middle man.

How are theme parks utilizing Block Chain technology?

I’m not sure if they have began that process, but more and more companies are realizing they need to control their own content instead of having a middle man.

Tell us more about the business model of Walt Disney World and other major theme parks?

Walt Disney World is about putting smiles on peoples faces. Yes, they are a business and have to answer to share holders, but they also listen to their customers and want to create an immersive experience for their guests. If you start having kids come at an early age and over deliver, then when they get older they will bring their kids. This is something I have experienced. It’s important to have beloved attractions stay, but at the same time you must add new things to keep people excited.

Tristan, what is your favorite part of Walt Disney World?

He said all of it. His new favorite thing is Ohana at the Polynesian Resort. He said he loves Agent P at Epcot.

What is it about Southern Florida that makes it a magical place for theme parks?

It already has a built in tourist area and the weather is typically great all year round. Disney Land is in California so this gives people on the east coast something to do.

Any tips for visitors to Southern Florida?

Wear lots of sunscreen, have fun and don’t over plan your trip. Remember you won’t see it all when you go, so leave something for the next time – or you can take a Disney Tour cover the highlights. Kids love pool time so make sure you work some of that into your plans.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

We really appreciate you having us, and we encourage people to come hang out with us on Sunday’s at 3pm eastern time at We give away gift cards sometimes and just have a good time talking Disney World. If you can’t go for a while, we help you get through the Disney World withdrawals.