Reasons You Need A House Sitter While You Travel

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Reasons You Need A House Sitter While You Travel

Taking a vacation is so important in today’s hectic time, and it can fundamentally transform us. Travelling gives you a break from your daily routine and gives you the chance to engage in new activities and explore new places. It broadens your horizons and provides a unique experience while learning about new places. Whether it’s a cruise or simply a stay in some another country, it is normal for people to take a vacation that lasts for several months. Make sure to plan in advance as planning a long trip might take longer than you may think.

A major part of planning your trip is making sure that your home will be safe and well taken care of. It may seem easier to just lock up the house and travel away, but who will take care of your pets? What about your newspaper and magazine subscriptions? Who will mow your lawn? All of these questions need to be considered and planned for before you depart on your trip.

Often, it can be more economical and safe to use a house sitting agency rather making piecemeal arrangements. For people who are not aware, house sitting is when you arrange for someone to stay at your house while you are away. If you want qualified people to watch your estate, simply visit and get in touch with them for highly qualified individuals with a long track record of homestays. Your house deserves protection, which only a house sitting agency can offer. Here are some reasons why you need a house sitter while you are traveling.

Pets Feel Secure

9 times out of 10, travelers prefer a house sitter for their pets. Finding a kennel not only consumes your time and energy, but also your money. It is a challenge to locate a kennel nearby, plus there are some animals you can’t kennel, such as rabbits. Leaving your pet in a kennel is not only expensive, but can be very stressful for the pet. Your pet may also be exposed to unwanted illnesses, such as a kennel cough.

You do have the option of asking your friends or relatives to stop by and look after your pet, but pets suffer when left alone for long periods of time. Some pets even get separation anxiety. A house sitter can go a long way by providing companionship and love for your fluffy ones. Your pets get to stay in their home while being kept well fed, exercised and safe. A house sitter can provide the same level of affection and companionship that your pet is used to. This can reassure any traveler that his property and fluffy ones are being taken care of.

Insurance Hassles

Do not make the mistake of thinking your insurance company will have your back while you are on a vacation. Many people are not aware that every home policy contains a ‘vacancy clause,’ which states that after a certain period of time – approximately 30 days – a vacant home will not be covered by your insurance company. You do have the option of buying coverage for a vacant house, but it comes with a hefty premium. It is more cost effective to actually hire a house-sitter and keep your current coverage. A house sitter not only helps you maintain your existing policy, but also reduces the chances of theft and property damage. This leaves you with peace of mind so can focus more on your travel and leisure.

Security Purposes

It is impossible to keep watch over your house when you are traveling, especially when you do not have a top-notch security system. You could ask your neighbors or relatives to keep watch over your house, but they cannot do that 24/7. Therefore, hiring a house sitter can reduce the chances of being burgled since you will continually have someone looking out for your home. Having a house sitter will guarantee that you are at peace while you travel.

Georgina Smith