Toronto, Canada: Tips for First-Time Guests

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Toronto, Canada: Tips for First-Time Guests

Is family, work or leisure bringing you to the largest city in Canada? No matter what’s got your sights set on Toronto, you absolutely should get in some quality sight-seeing time. This densely populated city is a prime tourist location in the great country of Canada, with thousands of visitors coming each year to get a load of what Toronto has to offer.

If you want to be one of them, consider the six tips below to get the most out of your experience. They were provided by our friends at From practical tips to sight-seeing ideas, these tips will make your visit to Ontario more enjoyable and easy-going. Safe travels!

Consider the Time of Year

Even though Ontario has some milder winters when compared to the rest of Canada, they are still bitterly cold Canadian winters all the same. November through March are host to heavy snowfalls, lots of ice and low temperatures that aren’t ideal unless you’re coming to Canada for some outdoor winter sports. Skiing during this time of year is a treat, but getting around and enjoying the full extent of the outdoors can be a challenge.

Visit before November or after March if you’re aiming for a warmer trip.

Don’t Get a Rental Car

Toronto has taxi cabs and public transportation everywhere, which basically makes a rental car obsolete unless you’re trying to venture outside of the city. By opting for cabs or public transportation, you get to save money, forget about parking fees, and avoid the headache of finding parking in the first place.

Buy a City Pass

The Toronto City Pass is a 9-day pass that grants you access to five of the most popular attractions in the city at a discounted rate. If you’re here for an extended stay or want to pack in as much sight-seeing as possible, a City Pass is absolutely worth it. The attractions covered under this pass are Casa Loma, the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, the Toronto Zoo and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Know What the Entry Requirements Are

If you’re coming to Toronto from outside of Canada, you will need a passport that contains at least one blank page, as well as a NEXUS or passport card. Visas are not required of visitors from the US unless they intend to stay for longer than 180 days.


Get a Taste of Canada

If you’re not familiar with the delectable entrees that are enjoyed by Canadians, you’re seriously missing out! During your visit, you should make a point to sample the poutine, butter tarts and maple syrup that the country is famed for.

Know What the Roaming Charges on your Phone Are

Some people like to get one-month Canada phone plans to avoid the high bill that can come in the mail when they get back to the States. Roaming charges can add up, especially over a long trip, so it’s important that you read and understand your wireless provider’s roaming data, minutes and text policies.

Georgina Smith