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Forex Trading

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Forex Trading Lessons Learned

It’s been two weeks since I posted my last forex trading update and I think it’s time to go over some forex lessons learned. It seems that my trades are still not doing well. All of the GBP positions are down (thanks Brexit). Forex Trading Lesson Learned #1 I originally had not wanted too many of […]

Forex Trading Updates

Week of 3/14/17 Here is the weekly update on my forex trading: OANDA Corporation. (2017). OANDA fxTrade Forex Trading (Version 5.4.0) [Mobile Application Software]. Retrieved from https://www.oanda.com/mobile/ It looks like my strategy is working better; EUR/TRY, GBP/AUD, GBP/USD and USD/TRY are in the green and GBP/CAD and USD/MXN are in the red. Of the two in […]

What are Pips?

As I mentioned in here, all trades are made in pips. So what are pips? Pips Pips are the standard forex unit that is used to calculate the profit or loss on open trades. It is the unit that expresses the change in value between two currencies. What a pip is equal to in real terms (i.e. […]


Last post, I talked about the simplest version of forex charts: the line chart. The kind of forex chart that the “professionals” use looks more like this. This somewhat overwhelming chart contains a series of candlesticks as opposed to single data points, which makes it look much more complicated than it is (in my view […]

Learning to Read Forex Charts

It’s time to make my first trade and begin reading the forex charts!  But first I need to cover some of the basics of forex trading and how the forex charts work. Buying and Selling Currency Pairs One note on forex trading, you can both buy and sell currencies. I think buying is pretty intuitive, but selling […]

Forex Trading by a Midwesterner

I am your stereotypically Midwestern girl: I was raised to work hard, serve my community and be self-sufficient, although not too self-sufficient because there’s something vaguely unseemly about a million dollars (to paraphrase Garrison Keillor, we’ll take 30 cans of tomato sauce and a bag of rice over a quarterly report any day). However, 30 […]