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Belleville, Michigan: Small Town Lovin’

I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Belleville. I love it for all that it has to offer. I hate it for the sole reason that everyone here knows everything about everyone. That’s just me, I’m a bit reserved. Weird for a blogger right? Why wouldn’t I want to share every single detail about […]

Mackinac Island, Michigan: A Trip Back in Time

Travel 20 minutes off the northern coast of Michigan’s lower peninsula and 200 years back in time to Mackinac Island, one of Michigan’s most popular summer destinations. I have a personal connection to the island that dates back to the first time I visited it when I was a kid. The drive up north seemed […]

Goodrich, Michigan: Sculpting Your Own Experiences

Goodrich, Michigan is not exactly a mecca of excitement. We have two gas stations (that were both BP’s at one time), two restaurants, (one of which is constantly changing names and owners), a library and a school district. Having grown up and moved on from my hometown, my feelings are complicated on having grown up […]