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Ibadan, Nigeria: A Violent Shade of Love

The first time I ever lived alone was in Ibadan. It was a self-contained room in a partial two-storey building. Getting the house was a herculean task, it involved spending one month chasing agent after agent before I got the room. The landlord, who we all called Alhaji, lived on the second floor alone, his […]

Ibadan, Nigeria: An Eventful Ride

The first time I came to Ibadan was in 2000 when I was seven; it was a sleepy journey sitting at the back of the car with my sister who was three then. What made me remember it so vividly was our trip to the Zoo and Trans Amusement Park. Growing up in Kogi State […]

Kano, Nigeria: Visit 1000 Years of History

If you are someone that loves African history and antiques, then a trip to the Gidan Makama museum in Kano, Nigeria will no doubt interest you. Located in the popular Kano State (450km from Abuja) the museum is without a doubt one of the most visited places in the whole region at this time. The […]

Ikeja, Nigeria: The Nigerian Dream

I was born in Enugu state, Nigeria. When I was barely three years old, my family (Dad, mom, siblings and 2 maids) moved across the country to Lagos State in search of greener pastures. I spent most of my childhood and all of my teenage years in Ikeja, and I surely feel at home here. […]

Yankari Game Reserve, Nigeria: A Mecca for Nature Lovers

In the heart of northeastern Nigeria lies one of the most beautiful spots in Africa, Yankari Game Reserve. Located in Bauchi State (250km from Nigeria’s capital Abuja) the place has become a mecca of sorts for both indigenous and foreign visitors hoping to unwind in the midst of nature. I went there to speak with […]

Lagos, Nigeria: Growing Up in the Big City

Lagos is definitely not a city for the faint-hearted, it is Africa’s city of hustlers and a land of opportunity. Located in southwest Nigeria, Lagos means different things to different people. My own life story cannot be told without mentioning this city for it has shaped me into the person I am today, and I am grateful […]

Okene, Nigeria: The Balance in Nigerian Parenting

When I see children in Hollywood films, I laugh – they are usually slim, cute and rude. The average child in the movie speaks her mind and tells her parents to shut up. Growing up in Okene, Nigeria was the exact opposite – I still cannot imagine telling my Dad, or anyone older, to shut […]

Lagos, Nigeria: Bringing Music to a Music Mad Country

The recent death of a friend, and former Major General in the Nigerian Army, Robert (Bob) Adeyinka Adebayo just a day short of his 89th birthday got me thinking about my time in Nigeria over 40 years ago. Oil has brought prosperity to many places. It is such a precious commodity that it has transformed […]