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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Six Great Things to Do

Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City, is the largest city in Vietnam and the main commercial center of the country. The French colonial architecture is a stark reminder of its historical past and tourists will never get bored in this fascinating city. Ho Chi Minh City is brimming with life and culture and even a […]

Hanoi, Vietnam: Chaos and Kindness

Within a few minutes of leaving my hostel in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, I got conned. That happens sometimes when you first land in a new country. The money is unfamiliar, the exchange rate is hard to calculate, and in certain parts of the world, the people selling their goods are pushier than westerners […]

Hanoi, Vietnam: What to Eat and Drink

Eating and Drinking in Hanoi When I first arrived in Hanoi, I must admit, I was not overly excited about the food. After living in Thailand, I was unconvinced by the comparative blandness of and disproportionate use of sour vegetables in Vietnamese food. But, by the end of my first couple of weeks, I my […]